2019 cleaning chart

Cleaning Chart for the New Year – 2019

Organizing your chores with this 2019 cleaning chart will help you to keep your house or apartment tidy without having to work hard.

Use our 2019 cleaning chart to organize, plan, and keep track of the chores you need to get done next. Staying on top of your cleaning tasks will keep cleaning easy. When you only have to do a little bit at a time, staying tidy is effortless.

man opens front cover on gas furnace to preform maintenance

Why Furnace Maintenance Is Important

The primary reason for performing preventative maintenance on a gas furnace is to promote health and safety in your home. Gas furnaces use flames in order to heat up the house, and those flames produce carbon dioxide, and if the unit is not burning correctly carbon monoxide. Although there are safety measures designed into the construction of furnaces, it is still crucial to practice routine maintenance to upkeep safety.

Condensation on window

Ways To Reduce Window Condensation

Condensation is a natural occurrence that happens when warm moist air comes in contact with a cool surface. You can observe this phenomenon on a glass of cold iced water or on your windows during the winter. When you see that condensation has started to form on your window, it is a sure sign that the humidity inside has increased.

summer humidity

How to Reduce Humidity This Summer

Humidity levels in Texas homes can reach 60% on hot and steamy, summer days. Your air conditioning will work diligently to reduce your humidity to a more comfortable level, around 30% to 50%. By reducing humidity in your home through simple steps, you are saving money on your energy bill. You are also proving better circulation and cooling of your home.