What Temperature Should You Set Your Thermostat in Summer and Winter For 2022?

Do you ever wonder how your heating and air conditioning usage habits stack up against your friends and neighbors? What do most people think is the best temperature to set the thermostat during Summer and Winter? To find out, we took a statistical study to see how people in Central Texas use their heat and AC.

Respondents were in agreement for most of their answers. Almost every question had one answer that received a clear majority (over 50%) of the votes. However, there were a few exceptions that caught our eye.

Major Takeaways

Most Texans Use Programmable Thermostats

In the summer, exactly half (50%) of respondents run their air conditioner all day at a warmer temperature, then turn the thermostat down to a cooler temperature when they are home. This is the method recommended by most AC companies to save money on energy bills.

70-75 Degrees is the Most Popular Average Indoor Temp Year-round

Half of the respondents set their thermostats between 70-75 degrees during the Summer. Nearly 20% of consumers set their thermostats between 66-70 degrees.

In the winter, nearly half (45%) of respondents set their heater to a temperature between 70-75 degrees.

Most Texans Don't Run Their Heaters Every Day During Winter

In contrast to air conditioner habits, most Central Texans only run their heater as needed on especially cold days, not every day.

Coworkers Can't Agree on the Best Office Temperature

When asked to pick the ideal office temperature, answers ranged widely between 64-78 degrees. The most common temperature was 72 degrees.

Graphs Showing the Answer Data for Each Question

How Do You Run Your Home Air Conditioner in The Summer?

How Do You Run Your Home Air Conditioner in The Summer?

What Temperature Do You Set The Thermostat for Your Home Air Conditioner in the Summer?

what temperature do you set your air conditioner to in the summer?

How Do You Run Your Home Heater in the Winter?

how do you run your heat in winter

What Temperature Do You Set the Thermostat for Your Heater at Home during the Winter?

What Temperature Do You Set The Thermostat for Your Heater at Home during the Winter?

Hypothetical: You Work in an Office and You're Allowed to Pick the Perfect Indoor Temperature for the Room - What Temperature Would You Pick?

what temperature do you set the thermostat in your office


About half of all Texans have programmable thermostats and set them from 70-75 degrees regardless of the season. During the Summer, they set them to automatically adjust to a higher temperature during work hours. However, a clear majority of Texans only run their heaters during especially cold Winter days. The one issue Texans can't agree on is what temperature to set the office thermostat to. Still, most think it should be between 70-73 degrees.

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