Systems Performance Test

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A System Performance Test is a series of tests and measurements performed by our Building Performance technicians to check for potential backdrafting of appliances, the sizing of ductwork, the amount of airflow delivered per room, the amount of leakage of the ductwork, the amount of leakage of the building, the temperature of the air coming out of each room’s vents, and the overall difference of temperature between air entering and air exiting the system.

These tests serve as a diagnostic tool to determine overall building tightness, and if the HVAC system is performing properly, identifying problems if it is not. A System Performance Test can also be used as a verification tool to ensure that certain ‘Whole House’ efficiency improvements meet Home Performance with Energy Star guidelines.

Stan’s also offers these tests ‘a la carte,’ allowing building owners to pick and choose the tests they need. Depending on your problem, one of our ‘Whole House’ Experts can recommend which test is appropriate.

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