How Many Mini Splits Do I Need To Cool My Home?

As the foremost HVAC installers in Austin, we get dozens of calls asking about the broad range of HVAC systems available for residential use, chief among them being calls about mini splits. Homeowners want to know what they are, how they can benefit from them, and whether or not they really are more energy efficient or cost effective. Of course, once we get those questions out of the way, one of the only questions left to address is how many mini-splits do I need?, the truth often being less than you think.In this short post, follow along as we explain why you should consider installing a mini-split to cool your home and what factors you should consider when it comes time to determine how many you might need.

Why Mini-Splits?

Mini splits are quickly gaining traction throughout the United States, and for good reason: depending on the size of your home and your cooling needs, they can often be more energy-efficient and more cost effective. By literally splitting the two components used in window air conditioners—the evaporator and the condenser—mini splits are able to run air conditioning to a central location in a home, without ductwork.They also use far less energy to run (generally between 20 and 30 amps) compared to a traditional unit, and are generally cheaper to buy and install. Finally, mini splits often last longer than central air conditioning systems, and can last as long as twenty years or longer with proper maintenance.

Mini Splits Are Ductless Too!

One of the lesser known benefits of mini splits is that they don’t use air ducts to move and transfer cool or heated air. That’s why the terms “mini splits” and “ductless mini splits” or even “ductless AC units” are often used interchangeably in Austin. Being ductless, mini splits are great for installing in attics and small spaces that would be extremely hard to get to using ducts.Another thing to keep in mind is that leaky ducts can cause your home to lose energy just by moving air from room to room. Since mini splits don’t use ducts, you’ll never have to worry about repairing them, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re never wasting energy to keep your home comfortable.

Are Mini Splits Right For Me?

Mini splits are generally recommended for one of two scenarios: either, you want to keep specific rooms at a specific temperature, or who live in a smaller home (such as a condo) and don’t want to waste energy cooling down every room of your home. If you are in the former group, mini splits are great in that they allow you to set the temperature in each room. For example, you could keep your living room at a comfortable 73 degrees Fahrenheit while keeping your bedroom at a brisk 68 degrees (the ideal temperature for sleep.) If you’re in the latter group, having a mini-split will significantly cut down on your energy costs, since you’ll need less energy to keep your whole home comfortable. And since you won’t be investing in a huge, whole-house HVAC system, it'll save you money not only on your Austin mini split installation, but also on yearly maintenance costs.

How Many Mini Splits Do I Need?

Generally speaking, how many mini splits you need will depend on the size of your home and the scope of your needs. As mentioned, if you live in a small home—such as a condo, apartment, or small loft—you may only need one mini-split to keep your entire home comfortable. If you live in a larger home, but just want to adjust the temperature in a few rooms, you may only need two or three. However, if you want to adjust the temperature in each room of your home, you’ll usually need a mini split for each of them.Keep in mind: Mini-splits are designed so they accommodate many different “zones” (or rooms) in a single home. This means that while you’ll only need one outdoor compressor unit, you could have as many indoor air handlers as you need to adjust the temperature in each zone. You’ll technically only need one mini-split, but need to install multiple air handlers for each room you want to adjust.

Choose Stan’s for Your Mini Split Installation!

Whether you need a single zone or a multi zone mini split, the sheer convenience of total temperature control, paired with greater energy-efficiency and longer lasting durability make mini splits an outstanding choice for many homeowners in Austin.If you’re interested in installing a mini split, give Stan's a call today! We’ll send over one of our professional Austin HVAC technicians to answer all your questions about mini split systems, and determine how many mini splits you need to install to accommodate your needs.

Contact us to schedule your mini split installation in Austin today!

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