How Homeowners Can Benefit From a Mini Split AC

While most homeowners know of the traditional AC system, few are aware of a ductless AC known as a mini-split. This ductless system provides the same benefits of a cooling system without having to install ducts in a home and at a lower price compared to a traditional AC system.Is a mini split AC right for you? Here are some more details about this system and how it can help lower your energy bills and keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature.

Why are they more efficient?

By having a dedicated mini split air conditioning system, homeowners are able to regulate the temperatures of each room without having to change or upgrade their entire system. This means that homeowners who have a room that's always seems hot, is not hooked up to the AC system, or is just being added to the house will be able to keep it cool without investing in a bigger system.Mini splits are also much more efficient as a result of not having ducts, which are the common culprit for leaking air. This means that you can cool down a room with less energy while reducing the amount of money spent on keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Cost Effective Alternative To Traditional ACs

The price for a mini split is often lower in comparison to a full AC system. This comes as no surprise since a mini split is designed to cool down only one room and not an entire household. This is a great option for those who looking to keep cool during the warmer months but are unable to invest in a complete HVAC system for their home.The energy savings are also a big draw for homeowners who are looking to save money after investing in a new home. By controlling the temperature in a single room, the system is able to provide the comfort of a full AC system without having to waste energy in cooling down the entire home. The amount of wasted energy is also drastically reduced as a result of the ductless features which means lower energy bills.

How do they work?

The mini split AC system is made up of an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is the compression and condensing unit which provides pressure to the unit's refrigerant and helps get it through the system. The indoor unit is made up of three parts: blowers, evaporator coils, and air handlers. Air handling units are placed in certain areas of your home to allow for more efficient use of energy.The mini-split systems are small and often measure around 3 feet in length and 1 foot in height making it the perfect option for those with limited space. Most mini split AC systems also come with a remote control operation. This is a great benefit to have if the inside air handling unit is placed somewhere that is not easy to reach for someone. There are also programmable timers available in some units which allow for cooling for only a certain amount of time.

Improved Air Quality

Ducts are commonly known to accumulate dust, dirt, and all other kinds of allergens. Combined with the added condensation that gathers as the AC is in operation, this could ultimately lead to mold or other contaminants that could cause health issues for some. By removing the ducts, a mini split air conditioning system provides cleaner air without the side effects that could come from an AC that is not maintained properly.

Is a mini split AC right for me?

The system is recommended for homeowners who only need to cool down a specific amount of rooms in their home, live in a smaller home or condo, or need more control over the temperatures in their rooms. With the mini split system, you'll be able to cool down only specific areas of your home or keep them at a consistent temperature without having to waste energy cooling your entire home down.It's also an environmentally friendly option due to the amount of energy it uses compared to more traditional AC systems.

Are you ready to cool down?

A mini split AC is a great alternative to full systems which allows homeowners with a limited budget or limited space to enjoy the cooling effects of an AC without having to invest in a complete system. Contact Stan's AC today to schedule our mini split installation in Austin!

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