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Why Should You Avoid Replacing Your AC Unit in the Summer

Hi, this is Chris Strand owner of Stan’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Austin, Texas.

In this part of the country because of our intense heat, HVAC systems only last 12 – 15 years. If your system is over 12 years old, being proactive and replacing your system before it fails should be considered.

The worst time for an AC unit replacement is in the summer. Demand is high and supply is low so wait times can be long and prices high.

What are the advantages of replacing your system in the late winter and early spring?

Lower Prices

We will almost give systems away in the off season just to keep our crews busy so we don’t lose them and have them available for the busy season.

Better Workmanship

Most of the indoor sections of our equipment are in attics. During the summer those attics are 130 degrees and higher.  The crews want to get in and out of those attics as quickly as possible.  Replacing the outdoor unit in 100 degrees isn’t much easier. Not only that, they often have another AC unit replacement scheduled for that day as well.  It’s just a fact of life. Quality will suffer.

Manufacture’s Rebates

Most manufactures rebates start March 1 and end May 31. They are in the same boat we are. Selling systems in the summer is not a problem.  Selling systems in the off season is a hurdle.


The hotter it is the more likely your unit will fail. During heat waves good companies have a backlog.  What’s your option? Either wait or take your chances with a second rate company.

More Comprehensive

In the summer sales people just want to sell a system and go on to the next customer.  What if your system is not sized properly?  The duct work is falling apart?  Some rooms are too hot or cold?  They don’t have the time or the inclination to look at the whole system and the crews don’t have time to rectify these issues. Replacing HVAC systems requires much less time and earns far more money than dealing with comfort and ductwork issues.

Lower Utility Bills

If you replace your system before summer starts your cooling bills will be lower all summer and from that point forward.  New systems can use up to 50% less energy than older systems.

Government Incentives

If you’d like to save even more money, until the end of 2013 there is a IRS tax credit up to $500 to install high efficiency systems until the end of this year.

As you can see there are many perks to getting an AC unit replacement before the summer begins. Call Stan’s today at 512-929-9393, if you would like to be proactive in getting your air conditioner serviced or replaced before the Texas heat arrives!