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Why Air Conditioner Coils Freeze Up

HVAC air conditioner coils

Why Air Conditioner Coils Freeze Up

Without an excellently working air conditioner, homeowners can experience stressful moments during summer months. Everything runs smoothly during this period until the air conditioner in the house freezes up.

How Air Conditioners Work

Air conditioners use refrigeration to cool down your house during hot periods. The machines take advantage of the physical law, which states the following: A liquid absorbs heat when it converts to a gas, phase conversion. They have closed systems of coils where special compounds evaporate and condense repeatedly.

The properties of refrigerators involved in the process change at low temperatures. Additionally, air conditioners have fans. They move warm air in the room over cold currents to keep the room comfortable. Condenser coils evacuate extra heat created in the room to the outdoors. When the gas cools, it changes to a liquid. Then, the process starts over again. Therefore, it is an endless cycle.

If you run an air conditioner that has frozen coils in your home without rectifying the principal causes of the problem, the compressor of the system can get irreversible damages. Malfunctions in almost any part of the system can freeze the coils.

Therefore, homeowners should be vigilant when handling air conditioners. They should watch the signs of freezing up of their HVAC systems and hire experienced contractors to fix them instantly.

When your system freezes up, you can observe the following signs:

  • Water leaks in the house
  • Unexpected decrease in the performance of the system
  • Overheating in your house
  • Continuously running system
  • Reduced air flow

Frozen Coil Causes

If you observe these problems, you should turn off your air conditioner instantly. Below are the potential problems that can cause air conditioner coils to freeze up.

Improper Air Flow

Restriction of air flow in your home can freeze up the coils of your air conditioner. Blocked air ducts minimize the movement of air in and out of the system. Some of the situations that can impede airflow include the following:

  • Malfunctioning fan
  • Dust
  • Blocked registers

Clogged Water Line

Condensed water travels through the condensate lines of the air conditioner. If the pipes clog up, the stuck water will freeze. Therefore, if the obstruction occurs near the evaporator coils, they freeze.

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty filters can hinder airflow in and out of the air conditioner. If air does not circulate properly in the system, the coils will freeze up.

Faulty Thermostats

Thermostats check and control temperatures of the air conditioners. If your thermostat controls the air conditioner improperly, it may cause the breakdown of the system. Additionally, if it senses wrong temperatures, it may run the system longer, which can wear it out. Failure to fix these irregularities leads to the freezing up of the coils.

Dirty Coils

If the evaporator coils of the system are dirty, they may block and freeze up. Therefore, the homeowners should ensure that they are always clean to prevent these problems.

How do You Fix a Frozen Air Conditioner?

The first step after determining that your air conditioner coils are frozen is to turn off the system. It prevents further damages and compressor failure. Then, you should clean water damages in your room.

After performing these activities, you should hire a specialist. Stan’s Heating and Cooling specialists will be able to help you with all of your troubleshooting and repair needs. Learn more about our HVAC repair services or schedule an appointment today!