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Ways To Reduce Window Condensation

Condensation on window

Window Condensation Causes

Condensation is a natural occurrence that happens when warm moist air comes in contact with a cool surface. You can observe this phenomenon on a glass of cold iced water or on your windows during the winter. When you see that condensation has started to form on your window, it is a sure sign that the humidity inside has increased. If you see water droplets sliding down your windows, this is because water vapor came into contact with its surface, which is cool to the touch due to the weather condition outside. Water vapor (gaseous state) turned into water droplets (liquid state) due to extreme temperatures.

Preventing Window Condensation

Window Insulation

A few different forms of window insulation can be used to decrease window condensation. Blackout curtains with thick cloth or cellular, also known as honeycomb shades, will add an air space buffer to cut down on window moisture. Cellular blinds are also effective because it greatly increases the window’s R-value by 3.

Window Weather Stripping

If your windows are older you may need to replace your window weather stripping. Weather stripping will help seal any gaps in the materials used to construct your home and can cut down on the transfer of heat.

Storm Windows

Storm windows can either be placed inside or outside of your home. They prevent heat loss and low-e coating to further add insulation. Exterior storm windows can also protect your windows if a storm ever occurs.

Increase Air Circulation

Proper ventilation is key to help reduce indoor humidity. Usually, dehumidifiers are used for health and comfort reasons. It also helps remove that damp odor. There are also large humidifiers that are being used in buildings like indoor ice rinks that helps in controlling the humidity level.

Turn off your air conditioner and open your windows and doors and turn on your vents or fans. Fans will help with the air flow and evaporate some excess moisture. Exhaust fans will help with the ventilation outside, which will prevent humidity from increasing in your house. Regular fans will make sure that air continues to circulate throughout the house.

Change The Indoor Temperature

Turning on your air conditioning will help cool the room down. It will also lessen humidity inside during humid weather. However, make sure to regularly clean the filters to prevent clogging since this will affect the airflow. There is also the option of using a heater during cold weathers. It’s easy to use since you will be able to adjust the heat to your comfort.

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