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Enjoy Long, Hot Showers Again By Repairing Your Water Heater

Does it seem like your home never has enough hot water? Does the water not get hot enough? Do your energy bills keep growing?
A faulty water heater could be the issue. Our water heater specialists can diagnose the issue and get your hot water tank working again, allowing you and your family to enjoy long hot showers. Get in touch with our trusted plumbing specialists now to restore reliable, safe, and consistent hot water for your home or business!

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Stan’s has served the Austin area since 1954. We pride ourselves on always being there for your hot water repair needs.

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We give a full guarantee on our water heater repair jobs. If you are not entirely satisfied, just give us a call and we’ll make it right!

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Comprehensive Water Heater Repair Services

Hot water is essential for homes and businesses alike. At home, you use it daily for showering and cleaning dishes. Businesses need it to ensure employees can maintain good hygiene comfortably. If you are experiencing a lack of hot water or other related issues, your hot water tank is likely in need of repair.

Does My Hot Water Tank Need to be Repaired?

If you see leaking water, smell gas near your hot water tank, notice your pilot light going out, or aren’t getting consistent hot water, you should consult a water heater repair professional. Water and gas leaks can be a safety concern and cause damage to your home or business if they aren’t fixed quickly.

Benefits of a Well-Maintained Hot Water Tank

Besides consistent, hot water… a well-tuned hot water tank can provide peace of mind for you and your family. Water heaters that aren’t working properly can increase energy bills, waste water, cause more wear and tear on your water system and cause water contamination.

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Professional Water Heater Flush

What is a Water Heater Flush?

Flushing a hot water tank is a necessary maintenance routine that helps to clear sediment and mineral buildup in your water system. Flushing your water heater will help to improve the unit’s efficiency and life expectancy, saving you time and money in the short and long term.

Why Have a Pro Flush Your Water Heater?

Flushing a water tank may sound like a straightforward task, and in many ways, it is. However, it requires expertise and specific tools to execute properly.

Whenever you are dealing with water and natural gas, it is crucial that you know exactly what to do in order to avoid damaging your home with water leaks or endangering yourself with a gas leak. We strongly suggest that you hire water heater experts to handle your water heater flush. If you choose Stan’s, we’ll ensure that everything is flushed, hooked up again, and running smoothly.

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Water Softeners in Austin

The prevalence of mineral deposits in the Austin area make Austin water and water systems especially susceptible to hard water issues.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that has abnormally high mineral content. As underground water moves through deposits of minerals like limestone and gypsum, it collects small particles. These particles then end up in your water and need to be filtered by a water softening system. Hard water can make showering unpleasant, as many people think it feels slippery or slimy. Hard water also makes cleaning difficult, as it cakes onto your appliances over time. These deposits can drastically reduce the effectiveness and life expectancy of your water systems and appliances.

How Do You Remove Hard Water?

If you believe that your home is suffering from hard water, our team can install a modern water softening system. By systematically exchanging ions, unwanted minerals can be filtered safely out of your water before they get into your water system and appliances.

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Drain Clearing Only $87

Up to $32 in savings. Main house drain clearing will be an additional fee.

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10% Off Any Plumbing Repair

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$99 water heater flush

*$149 Tankless Water Heater Flush

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