Sump Pump Repair and Replacement in Austin, TX

Keep Your Home From Flooding With Sump Pump Repair

Sump pumps are devices used to collect water from a sump basin or basement. You may not think much about your sump pump until rainy weather comes around. If your sump pump is not working properly, your home’s basement may be prone to flooding, leading to extensive water damage. At Stan’s Heating, Air & Plumbing, we are highly qualified to repair or replace your home’s sump pump to ensure you’re ready for the next rainfall. 

  • Sump Pump Inspection
  • Sump Pump Repair
  • Sump Pump Replacement
  • Sump Pump Maintenance

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Austin Sump Pump Services

Sump Pump Inspection

A sump pump is an essential piece of plumbing equipment that pumps out accumulated water in your home to a storm sewer or containment pond. By keeping water away from your home and its foundation, homeowners can save thousands of dollars on costly foundation repairs and potential water damage. But how do you know if your sump pump is working as it should? Stan’s Heating, Air & Plumbing recommends inspecting your pump by following the tips below:

  • Inspect the water level of your sump pit. If the water level is low, your sump pump is likely working properly. If not, check for external damage and obstructions.
  • Listen to your sump pump. If there’s groundwater near your home’s foundation, the pump should automatically turn on/off as it pumps out water. If there’s no water, slowly pour some water into the sump pit, and listen to see if it turns on.
  • Examine the plug. Make sure the cord is in good shape and plugged into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, in case of power surges.

If you’ve examined your sump pump and are still not sure if it’s working properly, contact our plumbing professionals. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your sump pump and diagnose any issues before recommending a repair or replacement.

Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

Like most equipment, a sump pump may have issues that prevent it from working properly. Some of the common reasons your pump may stop working include:

  • Power failure
  • Switch malfunction
  • Improper installation
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Inadequate size
  • Age of equipment

If you believe your home’s sump pump has stopped functioning properly, contact Stan’s Heating, Air & Plumbing. We’ll send out an expert technician to diagnose the problem and present a repair solution.

Sump Pump Replacement

If your sump pump is beyond repair, our technician will walk you through the different types of pumps available to you. We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each pump while keeping the price in mind to avoid any surprises down the line. At Stan’s Heating, Air & Plumbing, some of the sump pumps we offer include:

  • Submersible Sump Pumps: This type of pump is fully submerged in your sump pit, making it harder to repair or service, but ideal for highly-trafficked basements because it is less visible.
  • Pedestal Sump Pumps: This pump sits above the ground and is easily accessible when it needs to be serviced. A price-friendly option, this pump is not as efficient as other types and may need to be replaced more frequently.
  • Sewage Sump Pumps: These pumps are ideal for homes with sewage lines below the main sewage line. They help to push out sewage from your home when gravity is not sufficient at getting the job done.
  • Battery Backup Sump Pumps: As the name suggests, this type of pump is often used as a backup to other types of pumps. Powered by a battery, this pump is not as powerful as other pumps but can provide peace of mind during power outages.

To request a sump pump replacement or discuss our pump options, contact our team today!


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