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Sewer Replacement in Austin, TX

Keep Your Water Flowing With Reliable Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer lines are meant to rid your Austin home of wastewater from toilets, sinks, or showers. When your sewer lines aren’t working as they should, you may notice foul odors and a backflow of water around your home. Such backflows can put your family at risk with contaminated substances. Our sewer experts can inspect your sewer lines and determine if a replacement is needed to get your water flowing again!

Sewer Drain Replacement

Sewer Line Installation

Sewer Line Inspections

Sewer Line Repairs

Drain Clearing Only $87

Up to $32 in savings. Main house drain clearing will be an additional fee.

Valid for plumbing systems only. Offer not valid with other offers or annual contracts. Offer excludes commercial properties.

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Fully Insured & Licensed

Our sewer line replacement experts are fully insured for your protection. This includes general liability and worker’s compensation.

Dependable & Experienced

Stan’s Heating, Air & Plumbing has served the Austin area since 1954. We pride ourselves on being there for your sewer replacement needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We give a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your new sewer lines. If you are not entirely satisfied, give us a call and we’ll make it right!

Austin Sewer Line Replacement Services

Sewer Line Inspection & Diagnosis

At Stan’s Heating, Air & Plumbing, we believe in understanding the root cause of any drain issue so we can deliver the best solution. That’s why our plumbers are trained to diagnose popular plumbing issues. When the issue is more complicated and can’t be immediately identified, we can use the latest industry technology to conduct a thorough camera inspection of your sewer lines. By using a long fiber-optic cable attached to a waterproof camera, our plumbing team can identify whether your sewer lines have suffered from cracks, clogs, or leaks. With the option to conduct a camera inspection, we’re able to diagnose even the most complicated problems and determine whether they can be repaired or require full replacement.

What causes sewer line damage?

Sewer lines can be damaged in many ways. While age, wear and tear are all common culprits, other causes of sewer line damage include:

  • Clogging toilets with non-flushable items
  • Pouring grease down your kitchen sink
  • Expanding tree roots that break your sewer lines
  • Sudden increases in temperature
  • Poor soil conditions near the sewer line
  • Broken or misaligned pipes

Sewer Line Replacement

When your sewer lines aren’t working as they should, the backflow of contaminated water in your sinks, toilets, and showers can put your family’s health at risk. As such, it is important that you contact a company experienced with plumbing and drain repair and replacement, such as Stan’s, as soon as possible to conduct an inspection of your sewer lines.

Our team will inspect your sewer lines to explore all possible repair options. If our inspection shows that your lines are beyond repair, then and only then will we recommend a sewer line replacement. We also offer a 100% guarantee on our sewer replacements and will make things right if you are not fully satisfied.

How do I know if I need sewer replacement?

  • Sinks and showers won’t drain or are slow to do so
  • Foul odors coming from your drains
  • Toilet doesn’t flush properly
  • Toilet bowl fills higher than normal
  • Toilet makes gurgling noises or water bubbles
  • Soggy or foul-smelling spots on your lawn
  • Mold growth on walls near sewer pipes
  • Rodent or insect infestation

If you believe you need a sewer replacement, contact our plumbing experts. We’ll suggest repair options if available and present you with an estimate for any project before we begin. Contact Stan’s Heating, Air & Plumbing today to request a sewer line inspection.

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Why Choose Stan's

Stan's Heating, Air & Plumbing has been locally owned and operated for over 65 years. Since 1954, Stan's has provided the Greater Austin Area with comprehensive HVAC, plumbing, and drain services that help homeowners save energy and money.

“We have hired Stan’s on numerous occasions and they are an excellent, solid company. I trust them and they are experts in the field.”
– So W.

“My mother’s toilet and tub were backing up with water on a Saturday. Called Stan’s after other services could not send techs till Monday. Steven and his apprentice showed up and figured out the best solution to get my mother’s problems fixed in a timely manner. Totally professional! The guys worked like a team and I have a service company I’ll always do business with in the future. Thank you.”
– David H.

“Very prompt, professional service. I have them saved on my contacts list for any future work and would highly recommend their services.”
– Shreyas M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my sewer lines damaged?

If your home’s toilets aren’t flushing properly, fill higher than usual, or make gurgling noises, there may be an issue with your sewer lines. Other signs of sewer line damage include foul odors coming from drains, soggy spots on your lawn, or rodent infestation.

Why is my sewage backed up?

Your sewer lines may become damaged with grease poured down sinks, non-flushable items in toilets, sudden increases in temperature, or expanding tree roots. If your sewage is backed up, don’t put your family’s health at risk with contaminated substances. Contact Stan’s Heating, Air & Plumbing for 24/7 emergency plumbing service.

Why should I get a sewer replacement?

You should consider replacing your sewer lines if they are beyond repair or the cost of repairing them is no longer financially feasible. When we inspect your sewer lines, we’ll always try to recommend repair as an option, unless we deem a replacement to be better.

Sewer Replacement That Fits Your Schedule

Need to replace your sewer lines? Call the sewage experts at Stan’s Plumbing. Our professional team offers sewer line replacement that meets your needs, schedule, and budget!