chris strand installing attic insulationHello, I’m Chris Strand. In May 2011 I purchased Stan’s, which I now own and operate. Stan Sr. and my stories closely parallel, we both started businesses with nothing, but because of our commitment to customer service, we grew very successful companies.

Shortly after graduating from Michigan State University, I came to Austin in 1978 in a rusted-out Corolla with barely $1200 to my name. I saw the oil embargoes and huge gas lines of the mid-70s and decided that energy conservation should be my life’s work. With that aim, I founded Conservation Unlimited. We started with a staff of one and the office was my garage. My brothers Tom and John and our mother Caroline joined me in the early 1980s. We changed our name to Strand Brothers in 1992 because that is how everyone knew us.

the strand familyMy brothers and I took the unique perspective of combining heating and cooling system efficiency with home efficiency improvements like insulating attics, installing solar screens, and caulking and weather-stripping homes. A home’s heating and cooling system is not optimized unless those items are also addressed. After all, what good is it to have a great HVAC system if leaky ductwork is air conditioning the attic?

We named this concept the ‘Whole House’ approach, which we believe in now as much as we did then.

Because it is vastly more cost effective to conserve energy than to build power plants, the City of Austin took notice of our success and started an energy conservation incentive program based on the ‘Whole House’ concept.

Together with Austin Energy, we rewrote the book on energy efficiency for buildings and how to properly maintain and service air conditioning units. Eventually, as part of the City’s Zero Energy Home Task Force, I incorporated these ideas into Austin’s building code.

strand brothers staff in the early 90sBecause of our joint efforts, Austin spends less per square foot on energy than anywhere else in Texas.

Strand Brothers’ business boomed. In 1998, we sold our business to Service Experts, a subsidiary of Lennox International. I continued on as Strand Brothers’ General Manager and quadrupled sales by promoting the ‘Whole House’ approach through excellent customer service.

Despite that success, I’d longed to get back to working in a local family business. It’s the best way to serve customers and promote energy efficiency in the Austin area. In early 2011, Stan Jr. decided to retire and sell Stan’s to me. I’m thrilled to be back with a locally owned company where the emphasis is on the customer, not the corporation.

The heating and cooling industry is ever changing. With my family’s experience and Stan’s legacy of 63 years of dependable service, Stan’s is the perfect fit for our customers. We have a great group, all dedicated to implementing the ‘Whole House’ approach and to upholding Stan’s reputation as a leader in energy efficiency and effective heating and cooling systems in Central Texas.

Call Stan’s at 512-929-9393 or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.