Mitsubishi P-Series Hyper-Heating INVERTER mini split

When considering the many options for heating and cooling, you should think about whether a mini-split system might be right for your comfort needs.

Most people in the US are not yet familiar with this kind of system, but it is the dominant choice in the world market, which was first introduced about 30 years ago.

A mini-split is an appealing alternative to a window or a through-the-wall unit, used to condition a specific space, or an alternative to central air conditioning.

A mini-split system consists of an indoor unit that houses the blower, typically mounted 7.5-8.5 feet above the floor, which is piped to a condensing unit on the outside of the building.

Configurations vary, allowing from one to eight indoor units per outdoor unit.

Stan’s is proud to service both Mitsubishi and Carrier mini splits.

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Mini- splits are a great investment because:

  • much less obstructive
  • quieter
  • more energy efficient than a window or a through-the-wall option
  • more energy efficient than central systems
  • significantly higher energy efficiency rating
  • eliminate duct loss (a severe energy liability for central systems

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