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Prevent Water Damage and Ruptured Pipes with our Leak Repair Services

Plumbing leaks can be a serious issue for home and business owners. While some leaks may seem minor, water damage can build up over time and lead to additional damage or dangerous mold and mildew. Some leaks are much more obvious, where you have major water leaks or ruptured sewage pipes. Water and sewage leaks can also have a negative effect on the environment in the form of wasted water and contamination. Whether you need a small replacement or an emergency sewage repair, our expert team will ensure that your leak is properly repaired.

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  • Leak Repair
  • Health Concerns

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Austin Leak Repair and Re-piping Services

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Leak Repair Experts

Plumbing leaks can happen when and where you least expect them. Some leaks can be small and difficult to detect or locate, while others can be catastrophic to your home or business. Our team has the knowledge, tools and equipment to quickly and effectively handle any type of leak. There are many types of plumbing leaks and knowing how to deal with each of them efficiently is what makes our team of plumbing professionals special. 

Here are some of the types of leak issues that can affect your home or business:

  • Water Lines
  • Interior Piping
  • Sewage Lines
  • Appliance Water Lines
  • Broken Fittings

Is Your Water Leaking?

Confirming or finding a water leak isn’t always easy. You might notice a significant increase to your water bill or the smell of mold or mildew. One way to test for leaks is to ensure that no water is being used in your home and then check your water meter. If the meter is still running and you can’t find the source of the leak, it may be time to consult a professional leak repair company.

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Austin Re-piping Services

What is Re-piping?

Re-piping is when all or some of the pipes are replaced in a home or business. This service is necessary when repairs are no longer sufficient or cost-effective. This plumbing service is generally for water systems that are much older or improperly installed, though they could be necessary during renovations.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to complete re-piping projects of all sizes. We can help re-pipe small sections of homes or execute large-scale plumbing renovations. See why Austin trusts us to handle their re-piping needs with expert efficiency.

Repairing vs Re-piping

Determining which service is needed for your home or business will depend on a variety of factors. Our expert team can guide you through the process and determine if you just need a simple leak repair or a new pipe system.

Re-piping for Health Concerns

Rust-Colored Water

If you can see or taste rust in your water, it could mean an issue with your pipes. Ingesting rust can be dangerous to your health, so if you think rust is in your water, be sure to contact a re-piping expert near you.

Acidity in Water

Too much acidity in water can be a sign of faulty or corroding pipes. Excess acidity can damage water systems and appliances or be a health concern in certain situations. Drinking acidic water can expose your body to heavy metals and minerals that are present in some water systems.

Quest Pipes

Quest (polybutylene) water pipes are made from a plastic resin and were often used in water supply lines in homes from 1978 to 1995. Unlike modern PEX pipes, polybutylene is prone to becoming brittle and flaking into your water system. These plastic flakes can be dangerous to your health (as consuming any kind of plastic) and should be replaced when possible.

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