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Home Insulation Services

Stan’s believes it’s smarter to assess your building with a ‘Whole House’ approach. That simply means we combine super efficient, state-of-the-art air conditioning, furnace, heat pump, mini-split, and geothermal systems with energy improvements like duct repair, insulation, solar shading, and air infiltration as needed in order to make your building both comfortable and cost efficient. The solutions we offer are fully customized to meet your home or building’s specific needs, and our estimates are at no cost to you.

An integral part of a ‘Whole House’ energy efficiency solution is that your building’s attic is properly insulated. It is proven that there is much more to your attic than just the quantity of insulation on your attic floor. Attics contain many ‘bypasses’ like openings through the attic floor exposing interior walls, attic accesses, attic walls, even openings between the attic and first-floor ceilings.


An attic with these bypasses unaddressed will lose almost 30% of its insulation effectiveness. Thoroughness in your building’s insulation is as important as the quantity installed.

Thoroughness in your building’s insulation is as important as the quantity installed. Fortunately, Stan’s addresses all these issues together, to ensure that your insulation is not only of sufficient quantity, but also covers all of your attic’s bypasses. Schedule one of Stan’s ‘Whole House’ Experts to perform a complete evaluation of your attic, itemize deficiencies, and estimate costs of needed improvements.

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