Stan’s believes it’s smarter to assess your building with a ‘Whole House’ approach. That simply means we combine super efficient, state-of-the-art air conditioning, furnace, heat pump, mini-split, and geothermal systems with energy improvements like duct repair, insulation, solar shading, and air infiltration as needed in order to make your building both comfortable and cost efficient. The solutions we offer are fully customized to meet your home or building’s specific needs, and our estimates are at no cost to you.

According to the EPA, indoor air is 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.

There are three kinds of contaminants that effect your building’s air quality:

  • Particulates (dust, pollen, dander)
  • Biological contaminants (viruses, germs, mold)
  • Volatile organic compounds (carbon monoxide, aerosol products, exhausts, outgassing of new materials)

Remedies break down into three categories: source removal, ventilation, and filtration.

You cannot rely on ventilation and filtration to solve indoor air quality issues. Studies have shown that there is no relationship between the type of filtration used and a building’s particulate levels. In fact, the first and most important step in controlling indoor air quality is to remove the source. Many people do not realize that their air conditioning and heating system is often the biggest source of indoor air quality issues.

Duct leakage and airflow blockage (e.g. dirty filters and closed interior doors) depressurizes the building, causing the introduction of vast quantities of outside and attic air, and gasses through the slab. This unconditioned air contains dust, mold, pollen, and VOCs, which noticeably reduce your indoor air quality while increasing your cooling bills.

Fortunately, there are measures you can take to help improve your air quality. All of Stan’s ‘Whole House’ Experts have the expertise to assess your entire system for proper filtration, ventilation, and air circulation.

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