Heating and Cooling Services

Stan’s has over 60+ years of experience installing, repairing, and testing HVAC systems all over the Austin and surrounding areas of Georgetown. If you are looking for HVAC repairs, installation, replacement, or maintenance, Stan’s can help.

Most of our HVAC technicians have 10 years of experience in the heating and cooling industry, and we are proudly NATE Certified.

HVAC Repairs

Stan’s has over 60+ years repairing HVAC systems, and no matter what brand, model, size or type of heating and cooling system you have, you can rest assured we can fix it for a competitive price.

We will not only thoroughly inspect your HVAC unit to find and fix the broken parts, but also take the extra steps to ensure that you are satisfied with our service. It’s part of our whole house approach which ensures that your home will benefit from comfortable temperatures year round.

HVAC Maintenance

With the strain of humid summers in Austin, your HVAC system can develop serious issues over time that could result in bigger problems later on. HVAC maintenance helps keep your system healthy and running smoothly all year long. It’s an essential service that saves money and ensures you have a comfortable home year round.

Looking to prevent any problems down the line? A tune up helps your system work smoothly throughout the year while keeping your home comfortable. It not only increases the lifespan of equipment but it also helps ensure that the system runs efficiently.

Members of our Gold Service Club enjoy two precision tune-ups each year to conveniently prepare for the summer and winter months. It’s a smart way of keeping your home’s HVAC maintained while enjoying priority service and discounts on repairs.

Become a Gold Service Club member today!

HVAC Replacement

Has your HVAC system broken? Is it outdated or in disrepair? Stan’s offers HVAC replacement services that will give you a new system to cool your home or business back quickly. Best of all, our whole house approach ensures that you see the best savings possible in your energy bills from your new HVAC system.

Improve the efficiency of your home by replacing your HVAC system today and save big this summer!

HVAC New Construction

Stan’s provides quality HVAC installation for new construction homes. We offer geothermal systems and mini-splits along with traditional HVAC systems with furnaces or heat pumps. We also consult with builders and future homeowners, do job site layouts, perform Manual J8 load calculations, and our in-house team does computer-designed Manual D duct sizing.

We apply our whole-house approach to our new construction jobs to ensure comfort and satisfaction for the future homeowner.

If you’re in need of HVAC maintenance, repair, installation, or anything regarding the air in your building or home call us at 512-929-9393 today!

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