HVAC systems benefit from regular preventative maintenance.

In Central Texas, HVAC systems run about 3,000 hours per year and comprise a large proportion of your energy bills. Regular maintenance helps ensure system efficiency, minimizing the cost of operation. Breakdowns in the cooling or heating seasons make your home uncomfortable and can be expensive to repair. Catch potential breakdowns before they occur with regular system maintenance from Stan’s.

Stan’s proudly offers the most extensive and cost effective maintenance service in Central Texas

We offer two service options:

gold-service-club-satisfaction-badge-2Gold Service Club

Maintaining your HVAC system throughout the year is simple to do when you have Stan’s Gold Service Club. It’s an essential addition to any home and one that provides a wide variety of benefits for those who want to enjoy perfect temperatures around the year.

Our program consists of two precision tune-ups per year which maintain efficiency, prevent breakdowns, increases equipment lifespan, and helps lower energy bills. There’s also a 15% discount on heating and cooling repairs to help lower costs even more. All of this for only $149 per year on the first system with each additional system at $99 each!

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Individual Tune-Ups

Stan’s offers individual tune-ups along with the Gold Service Club. Individual tune-ups are $99 per system. They’re a great way to get a sense of the service before committing to the Gold Service Club.

Whether your get an individual tune-up or tune-ups through the Gold Service Club, our technicians perform the same service. Here’s a summary:

Air Conditioning

      • Check filter condition and replace if necessary
      • Inspect and secure all electrical components
      • Clean air handler and condenser
      • Test compressor and motor voltage
      • Test capacitors and check contactors
      • Inspect plenum and ductwork
      • Check static pressures
      • Inspect and flush all drain pans and drain lines
      • Test float switch
      • Check blower speed and reset if necessary
      • Check evaporator and condenser coil condition
      • Test blower motor, compressor, and overall electrical consumption
      • Measure refrigerant line pressures and temperatures
      • Measure system operating temperatures
      • Test thermostat operation and accuracy


      • Check filter condition and replace if necessary
      • Inspect and secure all electrical components
      • Clean cabinet/closet containing heating unit
      • Clean and inspect burners and ignition system
      • Inspect plenum and ductwork
      • Check static pressures
      • Test for natural gas, propane, and carbon monoxide leaks
      • Test gas pressure
      • Test pressure, drains, and emergency functions for heat pumps
      • Check heating elements
      • Test emergency operations and safety controls
      • Inspect flue pipe
      • Inspect heat exchanger
      • Test thermostat operation and accuracy
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