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Garage Insulation in Austin: Everything You Wanted to Know

Garage insulation.

Temperatures in Texas soared last summer: The city of Midland experienced the hottest July on record, while Austin had a heat wave of its own.

Garages were often the first areas of the home to feel the heat, since these small, poorly ventilated spaces roasted in the scorching weather, making them a no-go area for some families. Insulating your garage will keep this interior space cool when temperatures spike again, and it could even save you money.

Garage Insulation Advantages

Garage insulation could reduce your energy bills, especially if you crank up your AC in hot weather. Proper insulation will keep the inside of your vehicle cool if you keep it in your garage during the summer, too. This home improvement provides year-round benefits: you could save on furnace bills if you heat your garage in the winter months.

Disadvantages of Garage Insulation

There is an initial outlay when you heatproof your garage. A 9-foot door, for example, costs on average $200 or more to insulate, and roof and wall insulation will set you back even more. However, this energy-saving upgrade might end up paying for itself by significantly decreasing your bills.

Why Should You Insulate Your Garage?

Insulating your garage provides you with a cooler, more comfortable place to enjoy if you use your garage as a living or working space in the summer. Insulation minimizes outside noise, too, which means you can work inside your garage with minimal disruption. By taking steps to control the temperature in your garage, you could soon use this space to start a home business.

Long-Term Benefits of Garage Insulation

Your garage is worth at least $55,000, according to the Rocky Mountain Institute; making energy performance improvements — like insulating doors and walls — could increase the value of your property. Garage modifications are often sought-after property features among home buyers.

Garage insulation in Austin provides you with a significant return on your investment. You could save money on AC or furnace bills and boost the value of your home in the process. Although there are upfront installation costs, an insulated door or roof could pay off in the long run.