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Does Your Furnace Need a Winter Tune-Up?

Conserving energy in winter

Furnace Tune-Up Benefits

As things cool down in Austin following the long summer months it is a smart idea to take a look at your furnace. Although the temperatures don’t get incredibly frigid in Texas, your heater still has a lot of work cut out for itself. A furnace tune-up will make sure all of the components are operating efficiently.

Has your furnace had a tune-up this year? If not, this is the best time to do so! No one wants to find out they have a faulty heater once it’s already freezing outside!

Increase Furnace Safety

If there’s one factor that should convince you to schedule a furnace tune-up, it’s your safety. The most significant safety issue connected to furnaces are carbon monoxide (CO) leaks. The way that furnaces provide your home or business with heat is by burning natural gas, but even a small malfunction could lead to gas leakage of carbon monoxide. Your health and safety can be compromised if exposed to carbon monoxide for an extended period of time. Having a professional take a look at the unit can prevent an emergency from occurring in the future.

Save Money

A furnace tune-up will pinpoint areas that have become inefficient over time. Furnaces tend to break down over time as dust and grime enter into the system’s components. Dust will wear down motors, filters, pipes, and bearings which all will make it harder to circulate heat through your home. By catching larger issues before they worsen you will also be saving cash in the long run for repairs and maintenance by catching tiny issues before they worsen.

Increase Energy Efficiency

A standard HVAC tune-up will involve a cleaning and inspection of the furnace burner, heat exchanger, air filter, blower motors, fan and fan belt, and internal ductwork. This inspection ensures your safety, of course, but it also will ensure that your HVAC unit is performing at full efficiency. This is just one more way that an annual tune-up can save you money. By running at top performance, your furnace wastes less heat so you’ll be truly getting what you pay for in energy bills all while staying warm!

Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up

The secret to staying safe and comfortable this winter is to be proactive. When it comes to HVAC maintenance, the old adage is true that you’re better safe than sorry. Learn more about our maintenance packages, or contact Stan’s today!