man repairing air ducts in residential attic

Stan’s believes it’s smarter to assess your building with a ‘Whole House’ approach. That simply means we combine super efficient, state-of-the-art air conditioning, furnace, heat pump, mini-split, and geothermal systems with energy improvements like duct repair, insulation, solar shading, and air infiltration as needed in order to make your building both comfortable and cost efficient. The solutions we offer are fully customized to meet your home or building’s specific needs, and our estimates are at no cost to you.

A recent City of Austin study concluded that Central Texas ductwork leaks an average of 27% of its air and is 25% smaller than manufacturer specifications. These figures in combination mean that if a building has a 3-ton cooling system, only 2 of those tons of conditioned air is actually delivered.

Ductwork systems are the arteries of your heating and cooling system.

Undersized and leaking ducting not only reduces airflow significantly, but also leads to increased strain on your HVAC system. These issues can increase cooling bills by 50%, and prevent your system from delivering sufficient conditioned air when and where you need it.

If you are considering making your house more energy efficient, probably the first item that you should budget for is ductwork improvement.

If your ductwork is over 15 years old, you probably should replace it. Ductwork has a maximum lifespan of 20-25 years, but by 15 years, the insulation value is so low and its leakage is so significant, that replacement is the prudent option. Stan’s strongly recommends addressing any ductwork issues before installing insulation.

Fortunately, all of Stan’s ‘Whole House’ Experts have the expertise to assess your ductwork for proper sizing, age, and leakage. Schedule a complete Energy Efficiency Assessment of your building, itemize deficiencies, and estimate costs of needed improvements.

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