What is the Difference Between HVAC and Air Conditioning?

What is the Difference Between HVAC and Air Conditioning?

The difference between HVAC and air conditioning is disputed more often than you might think. The whole idea of heating and air conditioning is to keep our homes and businesses comfortable all year round. While Central Texas households may not have to worry about the heating too often in our area, we know how valuable the air conditioning is. But, what is an HVAC system, and how is it different than an air conditioner?

What Does HVAC Mean?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. It is a combination of your furnace, central air conditioner, and the ducts throughout your home or business working together to keep the inside air comfortable in every season. An HVAC system also maintains the indoor air quality. As the air conditioner or heater is running, the ventilation system is pulling the air from the interior and recirculating it with the outside air, while filtering it to make the inside air free of pollutants that can cause health issues for some people.

What Types of Air Conditioners are There?

Air conditioners will run independently, without involving your furnace or utilizing any of the ducts. There are basically two different types.

  • Window Unit: These are a very common type of air conditioner. Sold in various sizes designed to cool a single room or a larger area, their popularity began in the 1950's as an affordable means of providing air conditioning. While a window AC unit will give you some relief from the heat, it's not the most cost-effective, can damage the window frame, and can be unsightly. It's also harder to regulate the temperature with a window air conditioner.
  • Ductless or Split Systems: These air conditioners can come in handy in areas where there is limited duct work to allow for an HVAC system. They are designed to hold part of the air conditioner inside to blow the cold air, and the other part is outside to generate the cooler air. While they aren't as efficient as a full HVAC system, they can be a better alternative than a window air conditioner. Their smaller size also might make them more of a feasible alternative to an HVAC system.

Why is an HVAC System Better?

There are a few different reasons why an HVAC system is a more complete option than an air conditioner.

  • With an HVAC system, you can set it to automatic at your desired temperature, and leave it alone. It will operate on its own to maintain your desired comfort level.
  • Air conditioners aren't circulating any of your inside air. They are simply pulling the outside air, cooling it, and blowing it inside.
  • An HVAC system, when maintained correctly, will minimize the chances of mold, mildew, and other allergens from forming.

If you are considering a HVAC system installation, or already have one and are in need of maintenance or servicing, give us a call today. Our team of certified specialists can give your home or business a thorough evaluation, and offer you the most cost-effective solutions for all of your heating and cooling needs. Whether you need a new air conditioner or a completely brand new HVAC, we can help you select it, and install it.

We've built our reputation on providing quality, efficiency, and affordable service to the Austin area since 1954, and look forward to providing you with the services you Austin HVAC services you need, from furnace and air conditioner repair to new installation and maintenance.

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