Signs That You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning can be one of the most undesirable household jobs, but clogged drains are inevitable from time to time. In the bathroom, soap and hair are often washed down drains. Similarly in the kitchen, drains have to deal with leftover food, oil, and grease that may not dissolve. All of these substances can easily create blockages over time. Minor clogs can often be cleared by homeowners using a plunger or other DIY methods. However, there are times when you may need professional drain clearing. In this blog, we will go over some signs that you may benefit from professional drain cleaning services. 

What is Professional Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning helps clear build-up that has collected in the drains around your home. Build up can be any combination of soap scum, hair, oils, or grease that create blockages and make it harder for water to pass through. A plumber will use a variety of tools and equipment, such as drain snakes or a hydro jetting machine, to clear out any build up or obstruction in your pipes. This service helps your plumbing system operate effectively and creates a more hygienic environment. 

Tips to Prevent Drain Clogs 

While it is very difficult to fully prevent all non-dissolvable substances from going down your drains, there are a few things you can do to limit clogs in your home. To help prevent clogged drains in the bathroom, we recommend using drain strainers to help limit the amount of hair and soap that goes down the drains. It is also best to avoid flushing non-degradable items like wipes, cotton balls, or dental floss. In the kitchen, avoid putting grease and food scraps down the drain as much as possible. Try to clear off plates and dishes in the trash before rinsing them in the sink. Using DIY methods to clean your drains regularly can be helpful as well. A combination of baking soda and vinegar down your drains every few weeks can limit odors and build up. We typically do not recommend using over the counter liquid drain cleaners because they contain harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes. 

How to Know if You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

Even if you follow all of our recommendations to help prevent clogs, it is nearly impossible to get it right all of the time. There will still be some amount of grease left on pans that will go down the drain, and some soap and hair will likely still go down your bathroom drains. Most people need professional drain cleaning service from time to time. Here are a few signs that you may benefit from professional drain cleaning: 

Slow Drains

If water is taking longer than usual to drain, there is likely a blockage somewhere in the pipe that is restricting water flow. If not treated, a complete blockage may develop as additional gunk goes down the drain. 

Foul Odors

If you clean your drains regularly and still notice foul odors coming from your drain, there may be waste sitting in your drains that needs to be cleared. Sometimes a simple baking soda and vinegar solution can resolve the odor. 

Frequent Clogs

If you are noticing clogs more frequently or it seems like your drains easily clog, it is most likely not a coincidence. There could be a blockage farther down the line that would require professional drain clearing. 

Multiple Clogs

If you experience multiple clogs throughout your home at one time, it is a good sign that there is a more serious problem at hand. We often see main line blockages in these situations, so if you ever experience multiple clogs at once, call a plumber as soon as possible. 

Backflow of Dirty Water

This may be the most obvious sign of a clog. If standing water has accumulated in a sink or shower, there is likely a blockage in the line that is completely restricting water flow. Rather than reaching for a liquid drain cleaner that could damage your pipes, contact a drain professional to remove the blockage. 

Choose Stan’s for Drain Cleaning Service in Austin, TX 

At Stan’s Heating, Air & Plumbing, we make drain cleaning simple! Our plumbing experts have the technology and expertise to handle any type of drain cleaning job. In fact, by relying on camera inspection technology, our plumbers can take a look deep into your plumbing system and locate any blockages or potential issues. From there, we'll provide several solutions for clearing out your drains, including such as hydro jetting, which can completely remove the obstruction or build up without the use of harsh chemicals. What's more, we can also provide preventative maintenance services that can help you avoid major repairs in the future.

Contact Stan’s to schedule your drain cleaning service in Austin today!

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