How Long Will It Take For My House To Cool After AC Repair?

Have you recently repaired your air conditioner in Austin? Wondering how long it will take to sufficiently cool your home? You might be surprised to know that there are many factors that can impact how long it takes to sufficiently cool a home—and the fact that you no longer need to repair your AC is only one of them.In this informative post, follow along as we explain many of the factors that can determine how long it takes for your house to cool after an AC repair, and discover a few ways to ensure your house cools as fast as possible.

Factors That Impact How Long It Takes To Cool A Home

Your AC System

While it’s true that newer AC systems will typically cool a home faster than older models, it’s also true that the size and type of your system can also play a role. If your AC is small compared to the size of your home, it will require more energy (and more time) for it to sufficiently cool it down. Moreover, certain types of systems and models are more energy-efficient than others, regardless of how old they are. For example, ductless mini-splits in Austin are generally regarded as more energy-efficient than traditional systems, and can often cool down individual rooms considerably faster.

Your Air Ducts

One of the biggest reasons why ductless air conditioning systems (like mini-splits) are more energy efficient than traditional AC systems is that they don’t use ducts to channel cool air around a home. Air ducts used in traditional whole-home air conditioning systems are often plagued by leaks that can cause cool air to escape en route to one of the many rooms throughout your home. This can add to the time it takes to cool your home considerably, while causing you to waste energy in the process of cooling down your home.

Your Home Insulation

Many homeowner’s never stop to consider the fact that their insulation can also play an enormous role in the energy required to maintain your inside temperature, let alone how long it takes for the system to adjust. When your home has poor insulation, it causes more of the air that’s inside your home to leak outside your home, while also making it easier for outside air to enter. As a result, you can easily lose the cool air your HVAC is working to churn out, while allowing hot, humid air from outside your home to easily enter. This can make it take even longer for your air conditioner to cool your home—even after a repair.

The Temperature Outside

Most central air conditioners can cool a moderate-sized (3 to 4 bedroom) home by about 5 degrees every 3 hours. This means while it can take no more than a couple hours to lower the temperature to a comfortable range in the fall or autumn, it can take much longer in the summer. In fact, on a hot summer day in Austin, with local temperatures peaking at over a hundred degrees, it could easily take as long as 24 hours or longer to get back to a comfortable 70-degree range.Wondering why it takes so long? A “comfortable home” isn’t just about having cool air—but removing the heat that’s inside it. This means that any residual heat that’s trapped inside your walls, closet, or ceiling needs to be removed for your thermostat to adjust. Your HVAC system also has to work to remove the humidity in the air, so humidity levels in your home can affect how long it takes to cool down. What’s more, not only does it take a while for that heat to be removed by your air conditioner, but the hotter it is outside, the hotter the heat will be inside, and the longer it will take to remove it as a result. Oftentimes, your AC will need the cooler night and morning to gain ground.

Choose Stan’s For Your HVAC Maintenance

As you may have guessed, many of these “issues” can be avoided altogether by regularly maintaining not just your AC unit, but your entire heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. By frequently inspecting the dozens of components that make up your furnace, your air conditioner, and your air ducts—as well as fixing what’s broken right there and then—you can ensure your entire system is up to its up to par and in good health. In fact, with regular HVAC maintenance, you’ll never have to worry about your air conditioner taking too long to cool your home ever again!Need a hand with your HVAC maintenance in Austin?Stan’s is proud to offer our Gold Service Club for those who want long-term protection for their HVAC investment. With two precision system tuneups per year, club members can catch minor issues before they become major hassles, save 15% on all future repairs, and receive priority scheduling so that you can get your HVAC system fixed (and your temperature adjusted) as soon as possible.Sign up now to become a member today!

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