How Heater Repair in Austin Can Winterize Your Furnace

There are many ways to prepare your home for winter. You’ll want to winterize your heat pump and drip your faucets, as well as insulate your pipes from freezing weather. Another vitally important (and easily overlooked) step is to ensure that your gas furnace is ready for winter, as well. This can ensure your furnace stays on and remains safe to use throughout the winter season—without spiking your energy bills in the process.In this short post, you will learn the steps you need to take to successfully winterize your furnace and find out how heater repair in Austin can ensure it runs smoothly all winter long.

How to Winterize Your Gas Furnace

1. Turn On Your Furnace

Don’t wait until it gets unbearably cold to turn on your furnace, only to discover it doesn’t work. It’s better to turn it on before you need it than after.Try turning on your furnace for a few hours on a cool (not cold) evening, such as in the fall, to make sure that everything is working properly ahead of time. If it doesn’t turn on, schedule furnace repair immediately. If it does turn on, continue to use it off and on for several weeks to gradually acclimate your furnace to ever cooler or colder temperatures. While you’re at it, be sure to check for uneven heating, short heating cycles, or unexpected sounds, which could be signs of a problem with your heater.Keep in mind that it’s common for homeowners to smell a ‘burnt toast’-like smell the first time you turn on your furnace. This is completely normal and can be expected—it’s simply dust that’s found its way onto your heat exchanger.

2. Check for Common Problems

With your furnace turned on, it’s time to inspect your furnace for common problems and to ensure the entire system is ready for regular use. Start by giving your furnace a quick visual inspection—check that the venting pipe is securely fastened, as well as the venting tubes. You’ll also want to make sure there are no foul smells coming from the system’s gas line. If you get a whiff of rotten eggs, it’s likely that there is a gas leak.If your furnace is over 10 years old, it may have a pilot light. It is common for homeowners with gas furnaces in Austin to experience issues with their pilot lights not turning on. If you’re experiencing such an issue, schedule a heating repair service in Austin to address the problem.

3. Change Your Furnace Filter

The final step in winterizing your furnace is to check (and replace) your furnace filter.We can’t stress this point enough—dirty filters can cause a multitude of problems—both on the system and to your health. They can easily create static pressure—which can strain your HVAC system—diminishing its performance, and potentially breaking the system for good. After a while, they can even stop filtering out dirt and dust, which could be harmful for your or your loved ones health.Checking your furnace for dirt and dust and replacing it when necessary is a quick and affordable way to ensure your furnace runs without interruption all year.

Winterize Your Furnace With Professional Heater Repair in Austin!

Feeling overwhelmed with all the steps required to winterize your gas furnace?You can schedule a furnace repair checkup with an experienced HVAC contractor to check for common problems (such as damaged ductwork, restricted airflow, or gas leaks) before they become major issues. We’ll also tune-up your furnace (and replace your filter) to ensure that it’s working above par—which can improve its longevity and performance—and help you save money on your energy-bill.

Schedule your water heater repair to get your furnace tuned-up and ready for winter!

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