Navigating the EV Charging Network: Apps and Tips

As the world pivots towards sustainable transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly gaining traction. However, a critical aspect of owning an EV is understanding how to navigate the ever-growing network of EV charging stations. At Stan's, we’re committed to making your EV experience seamless and hassle-free. This blog post explores essential apps and offers tips to help you navigate the EV charging network effectively.

Essential Apps for EV Drivers


Renowned as one of the most comprehensive EV charging station locators, PlugShare lists over a million charging stations worldwide. It provides real-time availability, user reviews, and detailed station information.


This app not only lets you locate ChargePoint stations but also allows you to see station availability, start a charging session, and track your charging status.


This app is invaluable for those using EVgo's extensive network of fast chargers. It offers the ability to locate and navigate to stations, check availability, and manage charging sessions.

Tesla App

Specifically for Tesla owners, this app integrates navigation, charging network information, and remote control of the vehicle, providing a seamless experience for Tesla drivers.

A Better Route Planner (ABRP)

Ideal for planning longer trips, ABRP helps you plot routes with convenient charging stops, considering your vehicle’s model, battery level, and driving conditions.

Tips for Navigating the EV Charging Network

Plan for Long Journeys

Before embarking on a long drive, use apps like ABRP to plan your route and charging stops. Look for stations along your route and note backup options if your preferred station is busy.

Familiarize Yourself with Different Charger Types

Understand the difference between Level 1, Level 2, and DC Fast Chargers, and know which type your vehicle supports. Apps like PlugShare can filter stations based on the charger type.

Leverage Charging During Downtime

Make use of charging stations at shopping centers, restaurants, or hotels where you can charge your vehicle while you’re occupied with other activities.

Be Mindful of Charging Etiquette

Always follow proper EV charging etiquette. This includes not occupying a charger for longer than necessary and ensuring that you park only in designated EV spots when charging.

Stay Informed about Network Expansions

EV charging networks are rapidly expanding. Regularly update your chosen apps to stay informed about new stations and network changes.

Consider Membership or Subscription Plans

If you frequently use a particular network like ChargePoint or EVgo, consider their membership plans which might offer better rates or added benefits.

Keep an Eye on Battery Health

Regular charging and mindful usage help maintain your battery’s health. Avoid letting your battery drain completely and try not to rely too heavily on fast charging, as it can affect battery longevity over time.

Network with Other EV Drivers

Join online forums or local EV groups. Fellow EV drivers can offer valuable insights and personal experiences regarding the best charging spots and tips.

Install An EV Charger at Your Home

Investing in a personal EV charger is a smart decision for electric vehicle owners. With Stan’s, you can avoid the hassle of searching for public charging stations. We offer convenient installation services, enabling you to charge your vehicle at home where you park it every night. The time saved and the ease of access makes having a home EV charger an obvious choice for dedicated EV owners.

For EV Chargers in Austin, TX, Trust Stan’s Heating, Air, Plumbing & Electrical

Navigating the EV charging network efficiently is key to enjoying the full benefits of your electric vehicle. By leveraging the right apps and following these tips, you can ensure your journeys are smooth, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable. At Stan's, we're dedicated to supporting you in every step of your EV journey, ensuring you’re always charged up and ready to go. For EV Charger installation in Austin, TX, contact Stan’s today

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