Enjoy the Many Benefits of Owning a Water Softener

Good water quality in your home is easy to take for granted. But nearly 85% of the U.S. is a hard water area. Texas has some of the hardest water in the U.S., and hard water can damage pipes, appliances, or even our bodies.Have you noticed any of these signs when washing dishes, doing laundry or showering?

  • Do your faucets have watermarks, even though you just cleaned them?
  • Is there excessive lime and chalk buildup on the walls of sinks and showers in your home?
  • Are your white clothes dingy or your colors fading unusually fast?
  • Does your water taste or smell wrong?
  • Do your skin and hair feel dry or itchy after a shower?
  • Do you have low water pressure?
  • Do your appliances break quicker than they should?
  • Do your dishes have watermarks and residue on them when they dry?

By installing a water softener, you and your family could benefit if you’re experiencing any of these hard water issues in your home. Contacting Stan’s Heating, Air and Plumbing will help you get important information about the installation process. We have expert plumbers available to help you achieve healthier water that’s better for your home, your appliances, and your family.

How Water Softeners Work

Hard water is groundwater that contains high levels of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and trace metals. Rainwater is “soft” when it falls from the sky, but it can absorb minerals as it flows into aquifers.

What are the Effects of Hard Water?

Hard water can damage your clothes, and leave your hair and skin feeling rough. It can also inhibit the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, resulting in bathtub rings, spots on glasses and dishes, less effective clothes washing, and less effective rinsing of soaps and shampoos. In addition, deposits from hard water can leave scale deposits and mineral build-up in coffee makers, water supply pipes, ceramic tile, and water heaters. This can reduce water flow, shorten the lifespan of a water heater, and cause long-term damage to your home’s plumbing and fixtures.

How Does a Water Softener System Work?

A water softener system is designed to reduce the amount or effects of minerals in your home’s water system. In a water softener installation, you remove the “hard” elements from your home’s water by filtering it

What are the Benefits?

After you have had a system installed, you will see immediate benefits in your home.

Healthier Water

When hard minerals are filtered out of your home’s water supply your family benefits from better-tasting water, which improves the taste of ice, coffee, and homemade juices and eliminates the need to buy expensive bottled water. In addition to tasting better, softened water will also allow your family to step out of the shower with smoother skin and softer, more manageable hair.

Longer-Lasting Pipes and Appliances

When you make the decision to include a water softener in your home, you can then eliminate the minerals in your home’s water. This system will help you eliminate the limescale deposits that hard water can leave behind in your pipes, restricting water flow. Your water-based appliances, such as laundry machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, water heaters, and ice makers can work more efficiently, will have a longer lifespan, and can reduce your energy consumption.They can even extend the life of your water heater, as Johnny, one of our Austin plumbers, explains in this video:https://youtube.com/shorts/eDpUbi7zJGQ

Cleaner Dishes and Laundry

Hard water can prevent soap and detergent from dissolving properly. When upgrading your home to add a water softening system, you can eliminate soap build-up and ensure your dishes and silverware are spot-free. You’ll also notice that laundry is cleaner, brighter, softer, and lasts longer than when using hard water. In addition to benefiting your kitchen and your laundry room, a water softener can also benefit your bathroom by reducing soap scum and residue on your sinks, tubs, and showers, as well as their fixtures.

More Money Saved

Soft water can help reduce energy bills and prevent repair costs. Mineral buildup in a pipe narrows the area water can move through, which requires a higher pump pressure. It will also increase the amount of energy needed to keep water hot or cold. The buildup can damage your appliances, which means more frequent repair or replacement costs. Installing a system that softens your home’s water can eliminate spending on bottled water and coffee shops while extending the life of your clothes and linens. You can also reduce the amount of soap and laundry detergent needed by up to 50%.

Repair or Replace?

If your home has a system currently in place, you already know all about the benefits it can provide. Because most home systems are “out of sight, out of mind,” it may be difficult to determine when they’ve stopped working. There are many signs your home may need either repair or replace your water softener such as:

  • Cloudy water
  • Salty or metallic-tasting water
  • Changes in water pressure and quality
  • Stiff clothing and linens after doing laundry
  • Spots on dishes, glassware, or silverware
  • Residue on tubs, showers, and sinks

Nugen Pure

At Stan’s Heating, Air and Plumbing, we offer a wide variety of water softener systems, and are also the official vendor of the Nugen Fusion XT Series, which can extend the life of your Austin home’s water heater by several years while increasing its efficiency by up to 30%. To learn more about our water softener systems in Austin, and how they can benefit your home, contact our friendly staff today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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