Don't Be Stuck with Cold Water: When to Repair or Replace Your Hot Water System

Hot water isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. If you’ve ever experienced running out of hot water during your shower, you know how jolting and uncomfortable it can be. From bathing to laundry to dishwashing, reliable hot water is essential. And with the chill of the wintery weather, it’s even more critical.But too often, homeowners don’t give their hot water source a second thought until something goes wrong, and they’re left with only cold water. It’s easy to forget the proper service needed to keep your system running safely and efficiently, and to ensure its longevity.Whether you’re having problems and looking to have a repair done, or possibly replace your water heater, you should contact a professional plumbing company to provide a proper evaluation of the situation.Stan’s Heating, Air, and Plumbing has been around for over 65 years in Austin, and we have seen all types of water heater problems and fixed them. We identify and solve what’s causing issues now or what could be a major headache in the future – especially if your unit is located in your attic, which is the case with many homes in Austin.

Is Replacement the Solution?

Does Your Water Heater Need to be Replaced?

No one wants to be forced to take a cold shower. A faulty water heater can generate issues ranging from inconvenient to dangerous. And leaking water can cause expensive damage to your home. If your tank is powered by gas, then leaks can be a serious risk to your health and safety. Here are some issues to look for:

  • Leaking water
  • Smell of gas (call an expert immediately)
  • Malfunctioning pilot light
  • Running out of hot water too quickly
  • Inconsistent heat
  • Water tastes or smells odd

Rust build-up is also a major reason why a water heater needs to be replaced. When rusty water appears, it’s possible your water heater is rusting on the inside, which can result in a leak and even contaminated water.

Benefits of Installing a New Water Heater

The obvious benefit of a new, modern water heater is plenty of consistent, clean, hot water for your home or business. However, with a new water heater installed by the pros at Stan’s Heating, Air and Plumbing, you’ll also get bonus benefits:

  • Water heats up faster: Reduce wasted water by not having to wait as long for the shower or faucet to heat up. Your budget and the environment will thank you.
  • Less wear and tear: Our water heaters are more efficient. They heat up faster and keep water hot longer, meaning there is less stress on the system.
  • Less chance of contamination: Older heaters can rust or decay, contaminating your water. Our modern tanks are built to last and keep your water clean and safe.

For many homes and businesses, a conventional water heater is a great replacement option to ensure that your hot water is plentiful and consistent. Though they can take up a lot of space, conventional hot water tanks are generally the most cost-effective option for many homes.

Tankless: Convenient and Space-Saving

While modern, conventional water heaters can provide a decent amount of hot water, nothing beats a nearly endless flow of reliable hot water. Tankless water heaters are perfect for homes with large families, where hot water can be a commodity, as everyone rushes to get ready in the morning or relaxes after a long day.Upgrading to a tankless water heater system also has the added benefit of saving space. Instead of a large tank in your utility room or attic, tankless water systems do not need to store heated water and are fixed against a wall – indoors or out – making them ideal when space is an issue or you want a tidy, modern-looking unit.In Austin, where many older homes have water heaters installed in the attic, going tankless with an updated unit can prevent potentially disastrous leaks and flooding that can ruin your floors, walls, furniture and possessions, and can result in costly repairs.

Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Installations

A pressure reducing valve (PRV) is a mechanical regulator that helps to ensure that your home or business does not exceed safe limits for water pressure. Water pressure over 80psi can be a danger to your water system and can lead to a burst pipe, causing damage or even injury. A malfunctioning PRV can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your system by causing low water pressure.Stan’s Heating, Air and Plumbing can offer you expert plumbing technicians 24/7 to help you identify if, and when, you need a PRV installation or replacement. This helps ensure that your water system, home, and family are safe from excessive water pressure and water system failures.

Service That Fits Your Schedule

If your home or business is suffering from a lack of hot water, a malfunctioning water heater, or water pressure issues, our team can quickly and efficiently identify and fix the problem with a new water heater. We will create a comprehensive replacement plan that works for your needs, schedule, and budget.

Repairing a Water Heater in Austin

Does it seem like your home never has enough hot water? Does the water not get hot enough? Do your energy bills keep growing? It may be a matter of maintenance – or it could mean you need to schedule a service call for maintenance and/or a repair. First, we should address urgent issues such as: leaking water, the smell of gas near your hot water tank, inconsistently lit pilot light, or if you aren’t getting consistent hot water. Water and gas leaks can be a safety concern and cause damage to your home or business if they aren’t fixed quickly by a plumbing company offering emergency service calls, such as Stan’s Heating, Air and Plumbing.

For routine maintenance, you should be flushing a hot water tank to clear sediment and mineral buildup in your system. In gas water heaters, these minerals can create hot spots leading to tank damage and failure, while in electric models, they can cause the lower heating element to fail. That's why flushing your water heater regularly can help to improve your unit’s efficiency and life expectancy, saving you time and money in the long run.

If you need to flush your water heater in Austin, choose Stan's today! We’re proud to provide comprehensive plumbing services, including water heater inspections, tune-ups, and repairs, and can fully flush and refill your tank with clean, fresh water. With our experienced team of trusted plumbers, we’ll help you keep your water heater running efficiently and safely.

Schedule your service today and get the service you need to keep your water heater in top condition!

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