Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Gas Leak Repairs in Austin?

Have you recently had a gas leak? Are you wondering if your homeowners insurance will cover your gas line repair in Austin? Gas lines are must-have components in nearly every Austin home, but they can pose a danger to you and your loved one’s health, and they can often be expensive to fix. In this informative post, find out if your homeowners insurance will cover the cost of a gas leak repair in Austin, and discover what you can do to avoid paying for this costly repair.

What Are Gas Lines Anyway?

Natural gas is among the least expensive and efficient ways to heat your home and keep you comfortable. By channeling natural gas to a furnace or a boiler, your home can convert gas into heat—transforming cold water and air into hot showers and comfortable, ventilated rooms. Natural gas is also used in gas ovens, providing an energy-efficient and versatile way of cooking food, often with lower running costs.Where does all this gas come from? Your gas lines of course! Gas lines are the pipes that channel gas into and throughout your home. Typically buried several feet underground in your yard, these pipes generally don’t pose a problem. But over time, they can warp, bend, or break, causing leaks. Exposure to the elements—including water, moisture, and tree roots—can cause the pipes to corrode, leading to hairline fractures, as well. Finally, poorly fitted or faulty indoor appliances can also cause gas to escape, posing a danger to your health.

Are Gas Lines Covered By Home Insurance?

Not always. When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, gas line maintenance is generally considered the homeowner’s responsibility. While most policies cover damage caused by explosions from leaks and other ‘accident’ situations (like severe storms), home insurance generally won’t cover the costs of damages if they were the result of negligence or a lack of proper maintenance, and won’t cover the cost of your Austin gas line repair either.Keep in mind: Homeowners insurance usually won’t cover the cost of damages caused by faulty gas line repair in Austin, or from damages caused by an old system, which is why it’s important to have your Austin gas lines regularly inspected and repaired.

What Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Generally speaking, standard homeowners insurance will cover damage caused by a broken gas line in the following conditions:

  • The damage was caused by an unexpected gas leak not caused by the homeowner, such as a severe weather event.
  • The damage was caused by a third-party, such as a neighbor or contractor.
  • If something covered by your policy causes a gas leak or an explosion.

It’s always best to check with your insurance agent prior to scheduling your Austin gas line repair to find out what exactly is covered by your policy. No two insurance companies are alike in every way, so it’s important to ask about specific policy details before you schedule service.

How Can I Prevent Paying for Gas Leak Repair in Austin?

Many people have switched to natural gas to heat their homes and power their ovens and stoves, and for good reason: it’s much more energy-efficient. Unfortunately, natural gas does have its drawbacks. It’s more volatile in nature, and can easily cause fires, dangerous fumes, and explosions. What’s more, it also requires regular gas line maintenance to keep you and your family safe, and to prevent dangerous gas leaks and potential damages that your insurance won’t pay for.Don’t want to inspect and repair your lines yourself?No problem! Stan’s is proud to offer professional Austin gas line repair and inspection services for homeowners who want absolute peace of mind. During our thorough gas line inspection, we’ll test your entire gas line system to check for leaks and any faults in the system, and check your appliances to ensure they’re properly connected with air-tight seals. It’s the best way to ensure your gas lines are properly maintained and problem-free, and to ensure they don’t pose harm to you or your loved ones.Call today to sign up and schedule your Austin gas line repair and inspection!

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