DIY AC Repair: Why It’s A Bad Idea

If your air conditioning goes out on a hot summer day, it might be tempting to pull out your tools and attempt a do-it-yourself-repair. While this might seem like a great way to save time and money, it could cause you more of a headache in the end. Unfortunately, many homeowners underestimate the complexity of HVAC systems and have not had the proper training and experience to know how to safely and effectively work on their system. This can lead to a variety of issues when attempting DIY AC repairs. Keep reading this blog to find out why calling a licensed HVAC technician is usually in your best interest. 

Why You Should Call a Professional HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians have been through specialized training, which provides them with a deep understanding of how HVAC systems work and how to repair them. Even a new technician will have significant hands-on experience and knowledge. Most homeowners do not have this same level of experience and training. This is why there are risks and drawbacks associated with DIY AC repairs. Here are a few of the top reasons you should leave air conditioning repairs to the experts:

Lack of Expertise

As we mentioned above, HVAC systems are more complex than some homeowners anticipate. Without proper HVAC training and experience, it can be very difficult to properly diagnose why your AC has stopped working. Even if you are fully confident in what needs to be repaired, it could end up taking you much longer to repair the system with lots of trial and error. In some cases, you could actually cause more damage to the system or end up injuring yourself.

Could Void Warranty

Purchasing an HVAC system with a warranty is an excellent investment in your home. Most systems come with a warranty that protects your investment should you experience any issues with the system early on. Most warranties will be voided if unauthorized repairs are attempted or made because this can create further issues with the system. It is important to know that the details and length of the warranty will vary based on which system you purchase and the company that installs it. Regardless, warranties are a very valuable part of the HVAC system purchase that you do not want to lose. 

Costly Mistakes

If you choose to attempt to repair the unit yourself and end up causing more damage to the system, you will likely end up with an even larger bill than you would have if you called an HVAC company first. Unfortunately, this attempt to save money could end up costing you more in the end. 

Ineffective Repairs 

Issues with your air conditioning system can be caused by various underlying problems. Diagnosing the true issue with the system often requires expertise and special tools. Even if you are able to diagnose the issue, you may find that you don’t have the correct tools needed to make the repair. The time you take trying to repair the unit yourself could delay the necessary repairs, leaving you without cool air even longer. 

What HVAC Services Can I Perform Myself?

Some homeowners prefer to tackle as many home projects and repairs as they can, while others prefer to hire help whenever possible. If you are interested in taking on more of the work with your HVAC system, there are a few tasks we encourage you to do! Although HVAC repairs should be left to a licensed technician, here are a few tasks you can start doing today:

Keep the Condenser Unit Clean

In order for your HVAC system to work properly, your outdoor condenser unit needs to function efficiently, the area around it needs to be kept clean. This means pulling weeds around it and keeping the grass cut short. Minimize any debris around the unit and clean the area regularly. We also recommend inspecting the unit frequently to make sure animals have not chewed any of the wires. 

Replace Filters Regularly 

Changing air filters regularly helps eliminate excess strain on your HVAC system. Dirty air filters require the unit to have to work even harder to push air through. There are a variety of filters you can choose from, and each has a different lifespan. Disposable one-inch filters typically should be changed every 1 to 3 months. Media filters can usually last 6 to 12 months before needing replacement. However, the conditions inside your home can greatly affect the lifespan of the filters, so we recommend inspecting the filters each month. 

Flush AC Drain Line 

Your AC drain line needs to be flushed every 3-6 months to prevent clogs. If you are on a regular maintenance plan, such as Stan’s Gold Service Club, this will be done for you at each visit. If not, this is something you definitely want to make sure you are doing. To flush the drain line yourself, all you need to do is turn off the unit, find the access point to the drain line, remove the cap, and pour down 1 cup of cleaning solution. The cleaning solution could be hot water, vinegar, or bleach. (Make sure you do not mix vinegar and bleach though!)

AC Repair Service in Austin, TX

At Stan’s, we pride ourselves on prompt service and competitive pricing, and we never want anyone to feel like professional HVAC service is out of reach. We understand how uncomfortable it can be to lose air conditioning in the Texas heat, so we prioritize service requests in homes with a complete loss of cool air. Our goal is to get your system up and running again as quickly as possible. We also offer specials and coupons regularly to keep our services as affordable as possible. We have financing options available, and we always provide an estimate before performing work, so you will never be left with a surprise bill. Professional HVAC service is not out of reach. AC repairs completed by a licensed HVAC technician with the correct tools and experience will help prolong the life and performance of your system.

If you are experiencing issues with your air conditioning, call Stan’s today for quick and reliable AC repairs in Austin, TX!

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