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Benefits of A Programmable Thermostat

Programmable electronic thermostat for temperature control in living room hall way

A programmable thermostat lets you program how and when the thermostat controls the temperature of your home based on your schedule. If you need your thermostat to start blasting heat an hour before you get home, your thermostat can do that automatically. Instead of setting a consistent temperature before you leave, thereby wasting energy, program your thermostat to adjust by itself while you’re gone.

Here are some other benefits of your programmable thermostat:

Saves energy

An air conditioner can use 1.5 kilowatts per hour. Raising the temperature in an air conditioned home by 1 degree can save 1 percent on your energy bill. Cutting down 10 degrees eight hours a day can save a lot more than one percent.

Control thermostat from anywhere in the home

Some programmable thermostats can connect to smartphones, computers, tablets, and more. If you are working in the basement and need it to be cooler, you can turn down your thermostat by hopping onto your phone and programming it that way.

Control thermostat while you’re away from home

Because of their connectivity to smart devices, you can regulate your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world. Your home’s thermostat can stay off while you’re away and won’t turn back until you want it to.

Customize the temperature of certain rooms

Certain models of thermostats allow for custom heating and cooling in each room. You can keep one room hot while another remains ice cold through the same HVAC system.

Saves the environment

Normal thermostats use mercury, which is harmful to produce and use. Programmable thermostats do not.

Save settings for days of the week

The government’s Energy Star program recognizes three different models of programmable thermostats.

  • 7-day models
    This model allows you to set custom settings for each day of the week. A 7-day model is best for the person that has an always-changing schedule.
  • 5+2-day models
    This model is for the 9 to 5 work crowd. You can program two temperature settings: one for the work week and one for the weekend.
  • 5-1-1 models
    This allows for consistent temperatures Monday through Friday and offers more customization on Saturday and Sunday.

Saves money

If you work 9 to 5 Monday through Friday, you spend most of your time out of your house. Don’t spend money on energy that you don’t use. Instead, program your thermostat to turn off when you are not home and pocket the savings.

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