Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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Stan’s offers home air quality testing and air balancing testing in the Austin and surrounding areas of Georgetown and Marble Falls. If you suspect there could be an issue with an indoor pollutant or an issue with your HVAC system, we are here to help. Stan’s has over 38 combined years of experience in the heating and cooling industry and has the knowledge, training, and certifications needed to offer expert testing services for any HVAC system.

Indoor Air Quality

A heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system recirculates air throughout your home rather than pulling it from the exterior environment. A recirculating system will protect the air in your home from pollens and other outdoor pollutants, but it will also recirculate any pollutants that are stuck in your home. Air filters are integrated into your HVAC system, but they do not stop all pollutants from recirculating through your home.


Mold is the most common indoor air pollutant and can easily grow if moisture is present inside your home. Mold spores are found everywhere and are common indoors, but they often do not have the right climate to grow in. During the winter months when the inside of your home can build up moisture and condensation, mold can grow and spread. When mold spores have the proper moisture they will grow and spread spores through the air. To properly remove mold from your home you should first clean the areas where the mold has formed with a diluted bleach solution.


Dust and other airborne particles should be stopped from re entering your home’s air. If you are having issues breathing, a sore throat, or frequent coughing, you should have a air quality test conducted inside your home. If dust is recirculating through your HVAC system, there can be a larger issue like a vent leak or a dirty air filter.

Air Quality Testing and Improvement

For the health of you and your family it is important to maintain clean and pollutant free air inside your home. Indoor air quality can quickly turn dangerous to your health from a number of pollutants like cleaning supplies, mold, dust, and building materials. If you have noticed a strange smell or have an allergic reaction when inside your home, you need to have your home air tested. Stan’s offers air quality testing to determine what pollutants are inside your home, and come up with a plan to remove the problem or stop the issue from spreading.

Air Balancing

An air balancing test may need to be conducted if your HVAC system is not cycling air evenly throughout your house. Uneven distribution of air will cause certain rooms in your home to not heat up or cool down to your desired temperature. An unbalanced heating or air conditioning system will also cycle on more frequently because the temperature is not reaching where your homes thermostat is located.

Air Balance Test

Stan’s can administer an air balancing test to find out where there could be issues with how your home is distributing air. The balancing test will check for possible leaks in vents, broken HVAC parts, and untuned HVAC settings. Most air balancing issues can be fixed from adjusting the flow of your HVAC unit. However, there can be larger issues with your home’s air ducts that may need repairs.

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System Performance Test

Stan’s offers a comprehensive system performance test to find any issues that may need to be repaired, or any settings that can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. If your HVAC system is cycling on frequently or has developed any issues, a performance test will troubleshoot your system to find improvements and possible repairs. We suggest a system performance test for homes and buildings with older HVAC systems that may need improvements to increase energy efficiency.

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