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Stan’s Heating and Air Conditioning is prepared to diagnose and repair any issues with your HVAC system. We service all of Austin, Georgetown, and much of the surrounding areas in Central Texas. Our team of 14 highly skilled and trained technicians roams the region daily, ready to be dispatched to homes in need. No matter the make, model, or type of unit, Stan’s is prepared to service it, quickly and efficiently.

NATE Certification

Most of our technicians are NATE certified and we push to increase the number every year. The North American Technical Excellence certification is the top industry certification and only the best technicians are certified. NATE certified technicians must pass two exams per year and must continually educate on industry standards and best practices to stay certified. Stan’s has NATE certified technicians available to help diagnose the hardest problems.

Common HVAC Issues

Drain Line

All HVAC systems have drain lines that remove condensate produced by the evaporator coil. These lines can clog and lead to humidity increases in the home. If not quickly addressed, water can seep into the home and cause water damage. Mold and algae can also grow from the water build up and cause musty odors and pollute the indoor air.


Capacitors give motors a power boost to help them get moving. HVAC systems have several capacitors and each can potentially fail over heavy use. A failed capacitor will prevent a motor from starting and all of a system’s motors must run for the cooling or heating to function properly.


HVAC systems have a few motors, at least one to run the compressor, one to run the condenser fan, and another to run the indoor blower. If any of these motors malfunction the system will not operate properly.

Refrigerant leaks

HVAC systems operate with refrigerant in a closed-loop system. In theory, the amount of refrigerant in the system should remain constant for the life of the system. However, if a leak develops somewhere in the refrigerant loop, refrigerant will be lost and the system will transfer heat less effectively. Finding the leak, repairing the leak, and replacing lost refrigerant is necessary to bring the system back to its full operating potential.

Air Balancing and Air Duct Repair

An HVAC system should distribute heating & cooling evenly throughout a house. If it’s not the duct system is likely damaged or poorly designed. Stan’s is equipped to analyze, repair, and rebuild duct systems to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more about our expert airflow testing and ductwork repair services.Learn more about our expert ductwork sealing and repair services!

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