Would you drive your car all year without regular service? Should you do the same to your air conditioning and heating system?

In the Central Texas climate, your Heating and A/C unit runs an average of about 3000 hours per year, an extremely costly appliance to run. A blowout of any one of the expensive parts at a crucial time can leave you uncomfortable and out a good deal of money. A/C and Heating units, like cars, need regular preventative maintenance.

Stan’s is proud to offer the most cost effective and the most extensive maintenance service in Central Texas.

We have two different kinds of services
to meet varied needs:

gold-service-club-satisfaction-badge-2Gold Service Club

Twice-per-year Precision Tune-Ups for your heating and A/C unit is universally recommended by the EPA, consumer magazines, and industry experts. This regular service keeps your system running at peak efficiency, preventing untimely breakdowns, increasing the lifespan of costly equipment, and lowering energy bills. In short, this routine maintenance will pay for itself.

Members of Stan’s Gold Service Club receive two Precision Tune-Ups and professional cleanings each year, the very best service we offer. Additional benefits include a 15% discount on heating and cooling repairs, and priority service, all at a lower cost compared to individual tune-ups.


Your heating and cooling system runs about 3000 hours per year. Just like your car it needs preventative maintenance. Stan’s 30 point tune up and professional cleaning is the most comprehensive in the industry. It is designed to extend equipment life, optimize performance, prevent breakdowns and maintain warranties. This is a partial list of our service:

Air Conditioning

  • Tighten and secure all electrical components for safety
  • Clean condenser and condenser coils
  • Test voltage of compressor and motors
  • Test capacitors and check contractors
  • Thorough inspection of plenums and ducts
  • Test ductwork for restrictions
  • Flush and inspect all drain lines and pans
  • Test float switch
  • Check blower speed and reset if necessary
  • Check coil condition
  • Test blower motor, compressor, and overall electrical consumption
  • Measure refrigerant line pressures and temperatures
  • Measure system operating temperatures


  • Test for natural gas, propane, and carbon monoxide leaks
  • Test gas pressure
  • Test of pressure, drains, and emergency functions on heat pumps
  • Clean cabinet/closet where heating unit resides
  • Check and lubricate blower housing, motor, and condenser fan
  • Clean and inspect burners and ignition system
  • Test thermostat operation and accuracy
  • Thorough inspection of plenums and ducts for leaks and damage
  • Inspect heating elements
  • Test emergency operations and safety controls
  • Inspect flue pipe
  • Inspect heat exchanger
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