Go Green – Start Saving on Your Heating and Cooling Billstechnician checking compressorAt Stan’s, we offer home energy conservation solutions in the Austin and surrounding areas of Georgetown and Marble Falls. We start our energy conservation process with a free on-site energy audit of your home or business. If you are suffering from high heating and cooling costs, Stan’s is here to help you save money.

Energy Audit

During our free energy audit, we will assess the state of your home’s heating and cooling system, and look at what other factors are affecting your home’s efficiency. At Stan’s, we believe in the Whole House Approach to energy conservation, and focus on where you can see the biggest savings at the least cost. Because every energy conservation solution is different and tailored to your home’s specific needs, we start the Stan’s process with a free on-site energy audit. From our energy audit, we will be able to determine what is potentially wrong with your current heating and cooling system, or what updates you should consider seeing the most savings on your electricity and gas bills.

Home Energy Conservation

Heating and cooling bills can add up, especially if you are using an outdated heating and cooling system. Even if your air conditioning or heating system is new, there can be many other issues with your home that can be affecting your efficiency.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal energy is heat stored in the earth. Geothermal power plants use the high temperatures near volcanic hot spots to heat water through a series of pipes to create steam to produce electricity from turbines.

Home geothermal energy is used to tap into the soil’s steadily constant temperature to keep your home at a constant temperature. Soil below the Earth’s surface is not affected by the seasonal temperature shifts from the environment and stays at a steady 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

How Is Geothermal Energy Used?

Geothermal energy can be used to stabilize the temperature of air in your home. A geothermal air system will blow the air from your home through a pipe below your home to reach a steady temperature. The constant temperature of the soil will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter at a steady 60-70 degrees. The system is extremely efficient and only uses a small amount of electricity to run a fan that pushes air through the pipes. Geothermal energy is not considered a renewable resource because it uses a small amount of electricity to power the fan system but is extremely efficient.

diagram of a home utilizing geothermal heating
stack of sun screens

Solar Window Shades

Windows let much-needed sunlight into your home, but the sun also comes with thermal energy that will heat up your home. Double pane windows filled with argon gas are a great update to keep thermal energy from reaching inside your home, however, they are an expensive update and still let thermal energy into your home.

Solar shades are made of fabric mesh designed to create a buffer where the thermal energy from sunlight can be released without entering your home. Thermal shades look similar to window screens that keep bugs out but cover the entire window instead of just the window opening. Solar shades will decrease the amount of sunlight that reaches your home, and for rooms with high sun exposure, solar shades are a quick and cheap way to decrease the temperature of your house in the summer.

Air Duct Sealing and Repair

Air duct maintenance is an area where you can easily increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Older heating and air conditioning system have a higher chance of developing air duct leaks or having outdated and inefficient insulation. Without proper air duct sealing and insulation your heating and air conditioning system will have a harder time to heat and cool your home.

Leaking Air Duct Signs

Some signs that your air ducts may be leaking or do not have adequate insulation include:

  • Heating or air conditioning system frequently cycles on.
  • Some rooms are colder than others.
  • High utility bills.

If you suspect your home has leaking or under insulated air ducts, we can help. During our free energy audit, we will be able to inspect ducts and air flow for leaks.


Adding insulation to your home can be an easy and cost effective way to increase the efficiency of your home. Insulation is a fibrous material, typically made of fiberglass that slows down heat transfer. Stan’s offers insulation blowing and installation services for your attic and crawl spaces in your home. Insulating your attic area will keep the summer heat out of your house, and insulating your below floor crawl spaces will keep the warmth in your home in the winter.

man filling residential attic with pink insulation
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