Chris Strand’s experience in a family business for 20 years, and in a large corporation for 10 years, gave him perspective to see that businesses and customers are better off working with local, family-owned companies. Now that Chris once again owns a family business, it has been refreshing for him to be able to work with other local operations rather than impersonal, national companies. Stan’s realizes that there is not a big difference in the quality of equipment, but the quality of the service. Stan’s stands completely behind everything we sell, and we rely on others that can stand behind us too. These factors influence our choice in distributors, and products and brands we sell.

Robert Madden Industries logo

Carrier Air Conditioners

Robert Madden of Robert Madden Co., a family-owned business servicing West and Central Texas, provides us with Carrier air conditioning and zoning systems, Water Furnace and Climate Master Geothermal systems, and Mitsubishi Mini Splits among other products.

Trane Air Conditioning

The Ince family, owners of San Antonio’s Ince Distributing, a family-owned business operating in Central and South Texas, supplies Stan’s with Trane air conditioning, heating, and zoning systems among other products.

HVAC Products and Supplies

Standard Supply Company, owned by the Shaw family in Dallas and servicing North, Central, and South Texas, provides us with our Honeywell thermostats and zoning systems, Baeburn thermostats, ducting materials, and Aprilaire products. Standard Supply also provides most of our other building performance materials.
These companies are local, highly competitive, and service oriented, meaning that when you choose Stan’s, you support family businesses across Texas.

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