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Should I Consider a Mini-Split AC?

A mini-split AC unit mounted to a wall in a home.

A mini-split AC system uses an outdoor condenser connected to in-room units. While its basic concept is similar to a central AC system, the mini-split does not require ductwork to force the air through the building. For this reason, mini-split AC systems are also sometimes referred to as ductless AC.

Mini-splits owe their popularity to their versatility. With a central AC unit, you run into problems such as a building that is difficult to run ductwork through. The connections between mini-split condensers and the indoor units are much smaller, so older houses don’t need to go through a complete retrofit process to move away from window units.

Main Advantages of Mini-Split AC

You can mount mini-split AC indoor units in a variety of locations, unlike window AC units. Multiple cooling zones exist with this type of configuration, which helps you avoid temperature battles during the summer. Mini-splits also mitigate energy losses typically associated with central AC, as the air doesn’t travel through large ducts. Since mini-splits do not have to go through windows, you avoid home security issues created by window AC units.

Mini-Split System Drawbacks

This type of air conditioner system is generally more expensive than a comparable central or window AC option. Each zone has an indoor unit, so you don’t get a completely unobtrusive look either. If the wrong mini-split size gets selected during the installation, you can end up with inefficient house cooling.

Who Benefits the Most from a Mini-Split AC?

You get the most out of mini-split systems if you live in a home that doesn’t have the right configuration for duct work. Typically, older houses suffer from this problem the most, since many of them were built before central AC became popular. The mini-split lets you throw out your window AC units and all the hassles associated with them.

Another group that benefits from mini-splits are energy efficiency conscious homeowners. If you want to lower your energy bills and reduce cooling loss throughout the system, this ductless option is perfect for your needs.

Air conditioning plays a key role in the comfort of your home. You need proper cooling throughout your entire living space, so it’s important to know exactly what you get out of a mini-split AC. For all of your AC questions and concerns, call Stan’s today.