At Stan’s, we pioneered what we call the ‘Whole House’ Approach. What this means is that everything we do is working towards getting your house completely efficient and temperature controlled. When we analyze your temperature control needs, we consider everything involved in keeping your home comfortable, including ductwork, insulation, shade screens, and of course, the proper HVAC equipment. It’s our pleasure to offer you the widest range of services possible to ensure that your home is engineered to maximize the effectiveness of your HVAC systems, and conserve your energy usage and expense.

HVAC System Services

When it comes to your HVAC installations, we want to make sure that your air conditioning units and furnaces are functioning at their best. If you need maintenance, repair, or replacement, Stan’s can help you out!

pair of air conditioners near wall outside residential home


With over 60 years in business we’ve seen pretty much every type of problem imaginable with air conditioning and heating units. That’s why we have technicians on staff who are highly experienced and certified, ensuring that you get the absolute best fix for your air conditioning systems.


At Stan’s, we want to make sure we take every feature of your building or home into account when we’re replacing your HVAC unit. We painstakingly analyze the air flow and insulation of the construction and help you choose the best solution for efficient and effective temperature control.


Just like any other machine that runs on a regular basis, your air conditioning units need to be regularly maintained. If your unit goes out, it’s often a large expense, not to mention the discomfort while you wait for repairs! We offer two types of maintenance programs to keep your units running efficiently. Read about these programs and let us know if you’d like to sign up!

Insulation and Sun Screens

stack of solar screens

The ‘Whole House’ Approach means that we combine super-efficient air conditioning and heating systems with energy conserving measures like solar screens and insulation. Investing in these types of systems not only reduces your energy bill, but helps your home stay at a more stable temperature year round!


Perhaps one of the easiest things to do to maximize your energy efficiency is to insulate your attic. Addressing attic insulation issues can immediately begin conserving 30% of your energy budget that would otherwise be lost. Instead of letting heat seep in (or cool air seep out), insulate your attic, and save on your energy bills!

Solar Screens

When sunlight passes through the windows of your home or building, the energy is converted to heat that is then trapped. Replacing windows for more energy efficient types of glass is possible, but extremely costly. Instead, you can install a solar screen to cover your windows, which will absorb up to 70% of the energy of the sun’s heat.

Energy Efficiency

There are a multitude of good reasons to make sure your home is operating at its most energy efficient. At Stan’s, we want to help by both providing efficient products and service and by providing testing that can analyze the detailed airflow in your buildings.


Geothermal air conditioning units are a special type of equipment that can be up to 50% more energy efficient than regular units. Stan’s is one of the few companies with the proper NATE certifications to sell and install these units.

Ductwork Sealing and Repair

A recent study of Austin ductwork shows that up to 27% of all ducting is inefficient in the city. These problems lead to strain on HVAC units, leaking air, and higher energy costs. Let Stan’s ‘Whole House’ experts take a look at your system!

Air Balancing

If you’re feeling like certain rooms in your building are cooler or warmer than others, even with the air conditioning on, you might want to have a Stan’s representative perform an air balancing test. This allows us to properly route air through the ducting to get even temperatures across the building.

Maintenance and Testing

Once you’ve got an HVAC system installed and functioning, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance testing to keep up-to-date on your quality of air and system performance. There’s no sense on losing money to an inefficient airflow system when you can test and resolve the problem with skilled technicians at your side!

Systems Performance Test

Stan’s AC offers a series of tests which will analyze the overall quality of your HVAC installation and diagnose any potential problems with your current system setup. These are large-scale tests with high-quality data retrieval.

Energy Audit

If you’re feeling like your home has uneven distribution of air flow, a Stan’s ‘Whole House’ expert can perform a free walk-through and estimate the potential weak points in your HVAC system. We also offer in-depth walk-throughs with thorough testing and detailed analysis.

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Stan’s offers indoor air quality tests that detect any contaminants in your air. The three largest types of contaminants are particulate, biological, or chemical. Once we’ve determined the type of pollutants in your indoor air, we have several methods of removing them.

Stan’s Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving customers in the Austin area for over five decades. If you’re in need of HVAC maintenance, repair, installation, or anything regarding the air in your building or home, get in touch with us, or call us at 512-929-9393 today!