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How Windows Affect Your Home’s Temperature

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Windows are the biggest openings in your home. They allow sunlight to enter throughout the day and often they can cause a room to turn warm in a manner of hours thanks to the sunlight that comes through. This in turn causes your AC to work overtime to keep the temperature balanced resulting in wasted energy.

What can you do to keep your home comfortable without sacrificing the beautiful view of a window? Here are some simple suggestions that will help you save money on your energy bills while keeping your home cool during summer.

The location of your thermostat matters

Thermostats are built with thermometers to help regular temperature. Since no ventilation system will even out conditioned air perfectly, pockets of air near the thermostat determine how much cooled air is pumped into your home.

Unfortunately, many homes have cracks or other openings where air from outside could be coming in. This can cause your HVAC unit to turn on for more time than is needed. If there are windows, doors, or other openings near your thermostat, do your best to seal them with weather strips, caulk, or other adhesives to better regulate your home’s temperature.

Never, ever leave windows open during summer months

HVAC units only put out so much cool air during summer months. Even the largest, most powerful of air conditioner appliances can’t keep up with completely opened windows. If any family members are too cold, consider turning down the thermostat to accommodate their needs. Freezing them out will only encourage them to open windows, resulting in higher electricity bills and virtually no change in temperature inside.

Swap out the air conditioner for cool breezes on overcast days

Due to the endless variables that change short-term weather, you’re never able to tell when cloudy, cool summer days will come about without checking weather forecasts. Whenever days aren’t blazing hot, turn off the HVAC unit and open up windows to naturally, more efficiently cool your home. Every moment your air conditioner is turned off, you save money. Also, natural, gentle breezes are relaxing as they are part of nature. If it’s cloudy outside and not unbearably hot, open those windows!

Prevent warm sunlight from trapping heat in your home

Greenhouses work by allowing heat to readily enter, only to get trapped inside their clear surfaces. Houses exhibit this same effect whenever harsh sunlight beams through windows and doors, causing heat to become trapped in your home. You can block out the greenhouse effect by putting up curtains, blinds, and drapes in front of full-size windows and glass panes on doors alike.

Keep your home comfortable year-round

By keeping your windows in mind, you’ll be able to more effectively maintain your home at a comfortable temperature without having to worry of wasted costs.

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