diagram of a geothermal system

This information and the graphic are courtesy of Texas Foundation for Innovative Communities 2010 report on geothermal heat pumps.

Geothermal technology can be over 50% more efficient than conventional systems in heating and cooling buildings and in heating water for a building’s needs.

Geothermal heating and cooling technology does this by taking advantage of the difference in temperatures between the surface of the earth and the ground below it. In Central Texas, this is accomplished by installing one polyethylene loop per ton into holes drilled about 300 feet into the earth.

Since the temperature of the earth 150 feet below the surface remains at a relatively constant temperature between 50 to 70 degrees year‐round, the ground can serve as an effective heat sink during hot summer months and as an effective heat source during cold winter months. On a 100 degree summer day in Texas, heat can be easily moved out of buildings and dispersed (i.e., sunk) into 65 degree earth. On a 30 degree winter day, heat can be readily absorbed from 65 degree earth and used for heating. Hot water can also be efficiently produced as a by‐product of geothermal operation. These processes, each performed by a typical geothermal system, are depicted below.

Stan’s is one of the few companies that is NATE certified to service and install geothermal systems.

Our team has over 20 years experience in the geothermal industry, so you can be confident that Stan’s can take care of all of your geothermal needs.

We perform the following services:

  • Install new geothermal systems
  • Maintain geothermal systems
  • Repair geothermal systems
  • Replace existing geothermal systems

Geothermal Rebates in Austin

Currently, there is a 30% tax credit available for all geothermal installations, and significant utility incentives may also be available. 

Together, these incentives can make installing geothermal cost effective. Get in touch with Stan’s for more details either by phone or by filling out the form on the right. One of our ‘Whole House’ Experts will be happy to give you a free estimate for geothermal installations.

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