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Do I Need A Furnace Humidifier?

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Do I Need A Furnace Humidifier?

Regulating your homes humidity levels throughout the year is an important aspect to maintain comfort and your family’s health. Dry air in a house can make your throat feel dry, aggravate some respiratory ailments, and cause issues with dry skin. Too much humidification feels clammy and encourages mold growth. Proper humidification is not only more comfortable but safer as well.

What is the Optimum Humidity Level in a Home?

As noted in the chart below the optimum level is 30-55%. This is a national graph but because we live in a hot/humid climate 30-60% is a more reasonable goal.

humidity graph

What Is A Furnace Humidifier?

A furnace humidifier is hooked up to a water line and introduces moist air into a home’s ductwork when the humidity in a home drops below a preset level. During the winter a home’s humidity level can drop below the 30% optimum zone. The colder it is outside and the longer cold lingers the dryer a home’s air. In a northern or mountain climate a humidifier is a welcome addition. In a hot/humid climate, like ours, the humidity seldom drops below 30% so a furnace humidifier is not recommended.

If your home’s air is consistently dryer than you would like you may have a leaky house or ductwork. In the winter leaky ducts and a leaky house let’s warm moist air escape only to be replaced by dry cool air. The leaker your ductwork and house the dryer your air will be. Regardless of your climate sealing ductwork and plugging leaks in your home not only increases humidity in the winter but also pays for the repairs through lower utility bills.

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