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If you have rooms that are too hot or too cold, if your cooling and heating bills are too high, if you are concerned about ductwork and insulation defects, or if you want to improve your indoor air quality, you should consider having one of Stan’s ‘Whole House’ experts perform an energy audit on your building. We offer various different types of energy audit services to choose from, centering on our ‘Whole House’ approach.

Free Walk-through Assessment (with estimate): This service will first identify the building owner’s concerns, and will work to address them through a thorough inspection of the building.

We look at the several factors that increase your HVAC system’s operating cost and decrease your comfort. Some of the most important items that we inspect are the conditions of window shading, ductwork, insulation, and the heating and cooling system. If problems are identified, one of Stan’s ‘Whole House’ Experts will present you with a free estimate to correct these problems, provide information on rebates or incentives that may be available, and help you achieve your energy efficiency and comfort goals.

Energy Audit with Testing: This service is much more than a standard energy assessment. Not only does it include a walk-though assessment, but also the service provides as many diagnostic tests as needed to ensure that your building’s energy efficiency and comfort needs are fully detailed.

The following tests are availableDuct leakage, building leakage, airflow, air balancing, building pressures, and combustion safety. One of Stan’s ‘Whole House’ Experts with a Stan’s technician will perform as many or as few tests as you desire, explain the results to you, present you with a free estimate to correct potential problems, provide you with information on rebates or incentives, and help you achieve your energy efficiency and comfort goals.

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