How to Dispose of Home AC Freon

You may need to change or dispose of air conditioning Freon (a trademarked name for refrigerant) often because of leaks in a system. Several signs of being low on Freon are frost buildup in the interior unit, increased electric bills, and the air conditioning unit blowing cool air at night and warm air in the…

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Does Your Furnace Need a Winter Tune Up?

Things are cooling off outside in Austin. Although the temperatures don’t get incredibly frigid in Texas, you still might start thinking about clicking on the heat soon. Has your furnace had a tune-up this year? If not, this is the best time to do so! No one wants to find out they have a faulty heater once it’s already freezing outside!

A tune-up on your heater is well worth it. If you’re wondering what the advantages are, keep reading!